CRN Channel News

  • Kurant Storesense A Boon To E-Commerce
    Kurant StoreSense is the easiest and most sophisticated shopping cart software the CRN Test Center has ever reviewed. Kurant offers four online store types--Starter, Standard, Professional and Professional Plus. The Starter store is perfect for merchants who are just getting started and are unsure about doing commerce over the Internet. Regardless of which of the four store types merchants build, they can upgrade to a higher store with a click of a button.
  • ShadowRAM: Feb. 23, 2004
    It's amazing how quickly the bar gets lowered. In a world where shenanigans by Tyco, Martha Stewart, Enron and WorldCom execs have thoroughly disgusted the populace, being a mere money-grubbing monopolist can seem like a good thing.
  • Nor-Tech Steps Up In White-Box Notebook Arena
    It is no secret that as screen sizes expand and feature sets increase, many notebook computers have become powerful enough to substitute for desktop systems. However, when looking to get rid of their desktop PC, the majority of users will only consider a brand-name offering from a big player such as Hewlett-Packard or Sony. Instead of looking only at the brand, solution providers and their customers should eye white-box notebooks, which often bring a lower price point with comparable capabilities.
  • Solution Providers See Opportunity In Media PCs
    Solution providers are taking increased interest in media center PCs. Nearly one-third of solution providers surveyed in December said they were planning to sell, resell, specify or implement media center PC solutions within the next six months.
  • Stackable Fibre Channel Switch Can Help Meet Future Performance Needs
    Selecting the right network switch for a particular setting is a tricky task that involves balancing today's needs against the possible expanded needs of the future. Small, fixed-port switches might be sufficient for now, but performance will suffer as more switches are added to the mix. Anticipating future needs, one might use high-end switches with lots of ports and excessive price tags. But the high-end hardware goes to waste if the anticipated growth never materializes.
  • TapeWare Master Server Small Business Pack
    Backing up Microsoft Windows Small Business Server has just become a little easier with TapeWare Master Server Small Business Pack from Yosemite Technologies. TapeWare combines an easy to use GUI with agent technology to backup servers running Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and 2003.
  • Spire: Cool Answer For Overheated CPUs
    As OEMs and system builders brace for CPUs moving at increasingly high speeds, traditional heat sinks and fans will no longer be sufficient to ensure proper cooling. And with the availability of fast- spinning 3GHz processors, proper CPU cooling is a concern now more than ever.
  • Services Sector On An Upswing
    Each month, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), a 45,000-member trade group of business purchasing managers and buyers, puts out a comprehensive report on business conditions in the manufacturing and services sectors. Three data points,new orders, order backlogs and employment,provide valuable clues to future business growth and expansion. More importantly for the channel, the data indicates which specific sectors of the economy are seeing the fastest rates of growth or contraction, allowing solution providers to focus on those areas that offer the best sales opportunities.
  • Arrow, Ingram Micro unveil programs to pair ISVs, solution providers

    Distributors' Match Point
    Arrow Electronics and Ingram Micro both launched programs to team solution providers with ISVs, continuing a trend in which distributors are playing matchmaker between the two business models to increase revenue.
  • E-mail management vendors to meld product lines by year-end

    Zantaz Acquires Educom
    Hosted e-mail management vendor Zantaz said last week that it has acquired Educom TS, an Ottawa-based developer of on-premise software for managing, archiving and retrieving e-mail.
  • Chip maker will offer extensions for 32-bit Xeon Server platform

    Intel Details 64-Bit Plans
    The fine line for Intel last week was to detail its push into new lines of business for its 64-bit Itanium 2 processor,partly by offering "backward-compatibility" tools,without giving rival Advanced Micro Devices the chance to gloat.
  • More Fertile Ground
    The seeds of a healthy new movement are germinating throughout the industry, and the distribution channel is poised to reap the harvest.
  • Turning Up The Heat: Sun Revamps Channel Efforts
    If Sun Microsystems' latest endeavors succeed, the company's diverse community of channel partners could have an easier time finding the information and programs they need to team with Sun.