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  • Government unit aims to branch out into statae, local, education arena

    CDW-G Calls On VARs
    CDW's government division, or CDW-G, wants to add more solution providers to its Small Business Consortium program.
  • Eurpoean Commission may mandate changes to Media Player

    Microsoft Faces Stiff Fines, Penalties In Europe
    Microsoft defended itself during three days of antitrust hearings last week in Brussels, Belgium, even as it lobbied for a settlement with the European Commission.
  • ViewSonic Updates Media PC
    ViewSonic is pushing for a leadership role in the digital-convergence market with its NextVision M2100 Digital Media Center PC.
  • Tablet PC A Win For Gateway
    For solution providers looking to get on the Tablet PC bandwagon but who are hesitant to do so because of the high cost of the devices, the Gateway M275 Tablet Notebook series could be the answer.
  • Compuware Driverstudio 3.0
    Learning how to create drivers has always been extremely difficult for developers, partly due to the poorly documented driver development kit and tools that Microsoft has supplied to the public. Many vendors, too, have kept their drivers secret to maintain market share. DriverStudio 3.0 from Compuware, however, supports the complete driver development cycle, including optimization and extensive testing for certification. Its Visual SoftICE tool is a two-machine solution that surpasses all other debugging tools. The suite also includes the BoundsChecker tool for validating driver integrity dynamically at runtime. None of the tools in DriverStudio 3.0 require changing between binary files and code, and all work on the drivers as-is.
  • Office interoperability viewed as concession in antitrust settlement

    Microsoft, European Government To Detail Office Accord on Monday
    Microsoft next week is slated to make a major announcement with an unspecified European government to ease interoperability issues between its Office software suite and third-party programs, as well as alleviate its overseas antitrust headaches.
  • Intel Unveils More Details About Next-Gen Processor
    Intel on Friday revealed additional details about its next-generation 64-bit Itanium processor, code-named Montecito, as well as the progress Itanium-based servers are making in businesses, as opposed to the high-performance computing environments where Itanium 2 already has traction.
  • IBM Supercomputer Project Shows Big Strides In Size, Cost
    It's only the size of a dishwasher, but it's crammed with 1,024 microprocessors, housed in an innovative slanted cabinet and can perform a whopping 2 trillion calculations per second, ranking it as one of the world's fastest supercomputers.
  • Microsoft Wraps Up Defense In EU Antitrust Case
    Microsoft wrapped up its defense against European antitrust charges Thursday and added a renewed pitch to settle the case, hoping to avert a far-reaching order to change the way it sells Windows.
  • Here Comes The Opteron Sun
    Sun Microsystems is close to unveiling a major effort to market a family of powerful 64-bit machines based on Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor, in a move that could be crucial to the struggling Sun's future.
  • Software exec envisions world of secure networked services

    Sun To Offer Free App Server As Base For J2EE 1.4
    Sun Microsystems next week will offer a free version of its application server as the reference architecture for J2EE 1.4, Sun's software chief said Thursday.