Everything Channel Acquires Cloud-based Marketing Firm SharedVue

In a move to offer end-to-end solutions to channel organizations, Everything Channel announced the acquisition of cloud marketing solutions provider SharedVue today.

"By adding this technology to our solutions we can offer our vendor customers the ability to syndicate content across thousands of partner websites in multiple languages instantly," said Robert Faletra, CEO of Everything Channel.

SharedVue's cloud-based products —Syndic8, Facilit8 and Communic8— allow manufacturers to provide website content, multi-media content, and marketing campaigns to their solution providers. As a result, resource-constrained partner companies can get timely product and service content onto their Web sites as well as extensive marketing campaigns.

"Customers today are overwhelmed with messaging and offers. It is imperative that manufacturers give their solution providers the tools to break through the noise," said Heather K. Margolis, founder of Channel Maven Consulting. "Syndicating product and service content onto partners' websites, allows customers to get all the information they need without being taken to the manufacturers site where there is too much information. Syndication allows partners to post rich media such as flash videos to their site where they may not have had the resources to do it before."

If a vendor upgrades a product, SharedVue can immediately populate those changes on every one of its solution provider partner websites so all sites have the most current marketing message for the end user, Faletra said. The other advantage of the platform is that VARs can offer manufacturers' product content on their own site, keeping the visitor on their site.

The products also allow the partners to pick and choose which products they want to display and change them on the fly. Lastly, the ShareVue products put marketing tools, copy, and content in the hands of the solution providers to build marketing campaigns in order to help drive leads and business for the manufacturer's products.

"The marketing automation piece of this is very important. It now takes multiple touches or interactions to get a customer's attention including emails, phone calls, white paper or eBook offers, event invites, contact on social media platforms, face-to-face; just about anything you could consider and interaction," added Margolis. "SharedVue's Communic8 puts manufacturers messaging and content like eBooks in the hands of the solution provider allowing them to automatically set up campaigns and track how many "touches" a prospect needs before becoming a lead and then an opportunity."

Hewlett-Packard has worked with SharedVue and has seen the value of market automation and content syndication for its partner community.

"HP's partnership with SharedVue has enabled us to help hundreds of our partners strengthen their messaging alignment with HP through the HP Solutions Showcase. Together we have made it easier and faster for channel partners to leverage the critical HP content and transform their websites into more successful demand generation engines," said Katie Spence, director of U.S. partner marketing for HP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking.

"The value of content syndication and marketing automation to the channel is illustrated by the exponential adoption our manufacturer clients are seeing from their solution providers. Many of our clients see a 200-400% increase in solution providers using syndication and marketing automation," said Reid Overcash, CEO of SharedVue.