CRN Channel News

  • Seagate Steps Up Channel Efforts
    Disk drive maker Seagate plans to roll out a new channel strategy next month, focusing more attention on white-box solutions. The company will also offer additional low-cost warranty protection on its drives.
  • Symantec’s New Appliances Protect Small Businesses
    Attaching a small-business network to the Internet has become akin to swimming with sharks. Schools of viruses, worms, zombies, spam, hackers, spoofs and other threats prowl the Internet waters, and small companies are often ill-equipped to combat them.
  • ShadowRAM: March 22, 2004
    Interested in the inner workings of Microsoft's Exchange development team? Check out their blog at
  • Dual Challenges
    Two key Microsoft constituencies will gather this week at opposite ends of the country.
  • Wave of telecom mergers could shrink industry

    Consolidation Changes Carrier Market For VARs
    First came news of Cingular's intent to buy AT&T Wireless. Then came XO's bid to acquire the assets of Allegiance Telecom. The downsizing continued earlier this month when Broadwing Communications' parent company, Corvis, announced plans to buy Focal Communications, a Chicago-based competitive local exchange carrier.
  • Magma Stays Prepared In Offering VPNs As Managed Service
    To provide secure remote access to network resources, solution providers often turn to hardware or software VPNs, which provide the needed connectivity but often come with a litany of management and support headaches. To help eliminate many of those problems, VPNs can be provided as a managed service, in which an independent vendor handles all the technical support and service, while leaving the installation to a solution provider or the end user, or vendors handle it themselves.
  • MSI Eases Barebones Systems Assembly
    Building barebones systems is no different than any other custom-manufactured service. It all comes down to the options selected and the flexibility of designing a product for a specific customer's needs.
  • Sony's Vaio Goes Above And Beyond In Functionality
    Whenever the words "all-in-one" are used as a descriptive term, it usually means a product is compact, affordable and useful. When it comes to Sony Electronics' new Vaio PCV-V210P all-in-one desktop PC, the above is true, but simply describing the unit in that fashion would be an injustice as the PC delivers functionality far beyond that.
  • XE102 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge
    Setting up a secure, reliable network without running wires is straightforward If you use a pair of power line bridges like the Netgear XE102. They use the power line wiring in a building instead of CAT5 cabling to transfer information at 10Mbps. Included 56-bit DES encryption keeps data secure, while its wired connection avoids the connectivity drop-outs associated with wireless.
  • Phoenix Offers Notebook Users No-Boot Outlook Access
    PC BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies on Thursday unveiled an update to its FirstWare Assistant technology that will let notebook users check their Outlook calendar, e-mail, and contact data without waiting for the system to completely boot up.
  • Change Log
    We're working on some significant behind-the-scenes changes here at the ChannelWeb network, moving our web infrastructure from a Microsoft-solutions-based platform to CMP Media's primary J2EE platform.
  • Microsoft To Expand Language Support
    Microsoft is known for aggressive efforts to extend its global reach. Now, it's taking that further, with a project to double the roster of languages its software can speak.
  • Use Of Mesh Network Technology May Expand
    A company whose emergency-response devices communicate through each other rather than through a centralized hub alone is expanding the technology to work on other kinds of wireless equipment.
  • Retailers Look Again To IT
    Retailers are once again spending more on information technology, stirred from their slumber by better products and the need to improve customer service.
  • Retail desktop OS first to be based on 2.6 kernel

    Novell Unveils SUSE Linux 9.1
    Setting the stage for its annual BrainShare developers' conference next week, Novell on Thursday introduced SUSE Linux 9.1 Personal and SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional.