CRN Channel News

  • ShadowRAM: February 16, 2004
    Hewlett-Packard's enterprise solution providers and distributors are reeling from HP's decision to authorize CDW for low-end Unix servers and what they are calling "an unholy alliance" with Agilysys. Many see it as a plan to artificially pump volume through Agilysys' KeyLink distribution arm, which was added to HP's enterprise distribution roster last year. Our sources estimate Agilysys has only about 5 percent of HP's enterprise business through distribution, with the bulk of it going through Avnet Hall-Mark and Arrow.
  • Looney-Bin Behavior
    he time has come for CEOs to put an end to the channel conflict in the sales trenches that is killing a good number of partner programs.
  • Bechtolsheim likely to focus on Opteron servers

    SUN To Buy Kealia, Rehire Co-Founder
    The excitement surrounding Sun Microsystems' quarterly product launch last week had little to do with its first volume servers based on AMD Opteron processors or its new UltraSPARC IV enterprise server line.
  • Belkin Connects With SMBs, SOHOs
    The first generation of wireless technology to hit the mainstream was slow, insecure and unreliable. But it has made tremendous strides, touting new standards, better security and, most notably, improved reliability.
  • Venture Adventures
    The only thing that exceeds the hubris of the average venture capitalist is his or her ignorance about how to actually take a product to a mass market.
  • Plastic Bounces Back
    The line from the movie "The Graduate" about plastics being the future is proving to be true over time, as researchers work to produce transistors so cheap they infiltrate every object in sight, eventually surrounding us in a cocoon of information.
  • Oracle Faces Channel Angst
    In an attempt to ease channel conflict, Oracle hopes to publish new rules of engagement internally in April and promulgate them to partners the following month.
  • Citrix Readies MetaFrame Upgrade
    Even as Microsoft begins chipping away at Bearpaw, the next version of terminal services, Citrix Systems will launch next quarter a major upgrade of its MetaFrame that offers enhanced licensing and performance, support for Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, improved management and better mobile support.
  • HP authorizes CDW for two-way, four-way HP 9000 systems

    CDW Gets HP Blessing
    In a move that some partners fear could impact margins, Hewlett-Packard has authorized CDW to sell two- and four-way HP 9000 servers to SMB customers.
  • Microsoft nixes plans for server suite; solution providers unfazed

    Say Farewell To Discovery
    Microsoft has grounded Discovery, its planned server suite that was to have melded content management, e-commerce and EAI talents.
  • Transformation The Message Of Intel Forum
    Intel plans to unleash new advanced reference platforms for PDAs and cell phones this week, as the company seeks to pound home the theme of "transformation" of computing and communications during its biannual Intel Developer Forum.
  • IBM Pursues Self-Healing IT
    Taking the next step in its push toward next-generation self-healing systems, IBM this week plans to unveil an Eclipse-based toolkit for developing self-managing capability in IT environments.
  • Microsoft Grounds Discovery Suite
    Microsoft has grounded Discovery, its planned server suite designed to meld content management, e-commerce and EAI capabilities, an executive confirmed Friday.