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  • Wal-Mart RFID Rollout To Start In Texas
    Wal-Mart will use a phased approach to its ambitious radio-frequency identification technology rollout, requiring pallet and case-level tracking for three distribution centers and 150 stores in the Texas region beginning in January 2005, according to a vendor briefed by the company.
  • Organizations need to manage and respond more quickly to change.

    Real-Time Data Access Using Business Process Management
    Organizations are under considerable pressure today to reduce the elapsed time of their business processes, particularly their business-critical processes that provide competitive advantage. Any tool that can enable management to more easily monitor work in progress and identify delays in processing throughout the organization can bring a whole slew of advantages.
  • Wireless Security Seeks Sweet Spot
    It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while enhancements to a technology keep pace with demand and need, as is the case with wireless security, which is evolving nearly hand-in-hand with the maturation of wireless networks. In some cases, they're outpacing them. That's the good news. The bad news is that many customers are still wary of wireless, leaving most VARs months or years away from a wireless payoff.
  • How Will You Score In Microsoft's New Plan?
    Inside Microsoft, the Next Generation Partner Program is now simply known as the Microsoft Partner Program (MPP). But that doesn't diminish how excited Allison Watson, vice president of worldwide partner sales and marketing, is about it. Moreover, her boss' boss, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, is also excited about it.
  • Have Payroll, Will Travel
    We've all heard about the accounting scandals that have been rocking corporate America, but the epidemic of fuzzy math and loose number-crunching struck the state government of North Carolina recently.
  • Paranet Solutions: On the Fast Track
    Few solution providers can boast the kind of impressive growth that Paranet Solutions enjoyed in 2002. The Plano, Texas-based company (ranked No. 281 on the 2003 VARBusiness 500 list of top solution providers) more than doubled its revenue from 2001 and made an Olympic-size leap from $30 million to $70 million in sales. That's a whopping 133 percent increase. Paranet Solutions also earned the distinction of being the fifth fastest-growing company on the VAR500 this year, and also earned a VAR500 award this summer for excellence in the health-care market.
  • And it’s not going to stop there, analysts predict

    CDW-Micro Warehouse Deal Continues Trend of Consolidation
    Several months of drastic and sometimes painful changes in the distribution market culminated recently with CDW's $22 million purchase of selected assets from Micro Warehouse.
  • Intel also boosts notebook chips with Hyper-Threading

    New Xeon DP Offers Dual Action
    In July, Intel unveiled a hot new Xeon processor for dual processor (DP) servers and workstations that promised a performance upgrade of 15 percent. The new product offered double the on-die cache of previous models, and also featured drop-in compatibility with existing systems, allowing customers to upgrade their machines without scrapping them to add new processors.
  • Dial’s IT Agenda
    Challenge: Unlike its larger rivals such as P&G and Unilever, Dial lacked an integrated manufacturing, supply-chain, finance, accounting, performance-management and CRM environment.
  • Calence Picked To Refresh
    When Dial decided to refresh its network infrastructure so it could run video over its internal backbone, the company put out an RFP for a networking vendor and implementation partner. The winner was right in Dial's backyard,Tempe, Ariz.-based Calence, a Gold-certified Cisco partner. Calence beat out IBM Global Services and Siemens. What pushed Calence over the top?
  • VARs and vendors alike could cash in on increased IT spending

    New Business You Can Bank On
    Something curious is happening--retail banks seem to be realizing the error of their ways. Remember a few years ago when banks were shutting down branches and scaling back on live-teller services? For all intents and purposes, they were pushing customers out of the branches. But now they want those customers back, and apparently they are willing to spend IT dollars to make that happen.
  • Apps Dominate Outsourcing Requirements
    While the boom in big ERP deployments is a faded memory, there are still plenty of customers looking to integrate their business applications, automate their manufacturing and/or supply chains, and improve visibility into their customers.
  • GE Access Offers Year-End Rebates
    GE Access is offering a series of discounts, rebates and other programs to help Sun Microsystems solution providers better compete for year-end opportunities, according to the Westminster, Colo.-based distributor.
  • Qwest To Offer VoIP
    Qwest Communications will introduce VoIP service in Minnesota, taking advantage of a Minnesota federal judge's ruling to deregulate Internet telephone service. Qwest's announcement also comes in the same week that the regional telephone provider begins marketing long-distance service in the 12 Western states, including Minnesota, where it already dominates local phone service.
  • Novell Buys Unix, Again
    It was a little more than 10 years ago that our industry had the headlines about Novell buying Unix System Labs (USL) from AT&T for $270 million worth of stock. That was back in the days before Linus got started on Linux, and when the majority of network file servers were running NetWare. In 1993, DOS was still a big deal. Graphical interfaces were still only found on Macintoshes. IBM was still selling plenty of mainframes and had high hopes for OS/2.