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  • From eliminating long lines at DMVs to easing highway gridlock, VARs and vendors are helping to bring the quality of life up a notch in the United States.

    5 Outstanding State Solutions
    From eliminating long lines at DMVs to easing highway gridlock, VARs and vendors are helping to bring the quality of life up a notch in the United States.
  • '04 IT Spending Breaks Trend
    The president has asked Congress to appropriate $59.8 billion for IT spending in fiscal year 2005, only a 1 percent increase from the estimated $59.1 billion in IT spending that will take place in fiscal year 2004.
  • ShadowRAM: June 21, 2004
    Word is that beleaguered Computer Associates International, a.k.a. The Former Borg, is pitching some serious woo to Kleiner Perkins rainmaker and former Oracle savior Ray Lane to come aboard as head honcho. Lane's reputation as a great cleaner-upper-of-accounting-messes makes him a stellar candidate, though many doubt he'll forsake Silicon Valley for not-so-sunny Islandia, N.Y. CA's current top dog is Ken Cron, but his title carries a conspicuous "interim" tag.
  • Citizenship provision for federal contracts may be bonanza for some integrators

    America Only
    Some U.S.-based solution providers and systems integrators could have an edge when it comes to winning part of a seemingly increasing number of federal-government contracts that require all of the outsourcing provider's employees be U.S. citizens or resident aliens.
  • Switching Costs
    Loyalty has as much to do with inertia as anything else. In the channel, this phenomenon plays out every day when customers continue ordering from a solution provider or a vendor as much out of habit as because they represent a great partner.
  • Update Apps Like Klocwork
    Updating or adding functionality to aging applications is one of the most strenuous tasks developers and software architects can undertake, especially without automation tools. Over time, the functionality and hierarchy between components begins to erode, making it difficult to understand a system in its entirety. Architectural enhancements are even more difficult without a thorough understanding of the interactions between application components.
  • Solution Providers Ready To Move Into Hiring Mode
    Solution providers are shifting from a "batten down the hatches" mentality to a "loosen the sails" mode and stepping up their hiring, particularly in sales, according to the latest CRN Monthly Solution Provider Survey.
  • New technologies offer business-level look into IT functions

    More Insight Into HP's OpenView
    For the first time in nearly a year, Hewlett-Packard has taken a major step in delivering its Adaptive Enterprise vision without having to acquire a smaller firm.
  • Value-Added Solutions
    It's a challenging time for state governments and schools. There are an overwhelming number of government provisions whose deadlines for compliance are closing in.
  • Ingraham Looks For the Heart of Leadership At VARBusiness 500 Awards
    Commentator Laura Ingraham offered advice to both President George W. Bush and presidental hopeful John Kerry at Tuesday night's VARBusiness 500 awards dinner. Through the course of her comments, she also paid tribute to former President Ronald Reagan and tossed criticisms at Bill and Hillary Clinton, the mainstream news media and the French army as the keynote speaker at this year's VARBusiness 500 Awards gala dinner.