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  • Exec spells out new communications rollouts

    Intel To Roll Out Front-End, Back-End Advances In Handhelds, WiMAX
    Intel will take several steps this year to boost performance of cell phones and PDAs, releasing new memory and processors that are smaller and consume less power, Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney said Thursday.
  • A Leaner Nortel Has Ambitious Agenda That Includes Partnering
    It's been a long haul for Nortel, a poster-child victim of the telecom-equipment market crash that preceded the dot-com bust by a year or so. But having slogged its way through a torrent of layoffs, closings and consolidation, a now-significantly leaner Nortel is looking to resurrect itself anew. And with no signs that the growth of data traffic worldwide will abate anytime soon, Nortel CEO Frank Dunn says he, for one, is in a decidedly better mood today than he was just one year ago.
  • M&A Wave Takes a New Twist In 2004
    As in any year, the IT industry in 2004 will have plenty of technology buzzwords. Some likely ones are VPNs, home networks, grid computing, outsourcing and, unfortunately, viruses and worms.
  • NTT Develops Stamp-Sized 1GB Mobile Media
    Japan's Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) said this week that it will commercialize a new type of read-only storage media that is the size of a postage stamp and have 1 GB of capacity. The company said it expects the new media to be used in phones and other mobile devices.
  • Review: Roxio Tames Media Management With Easy Media Creator
    Manipulating digital-media content and burning CDs and DVDs and has never been as easy as vendors would have end users believe, but Santa Clara, Calif.-based Roxio aims to ease both tasks with version 7 of Easy Media Creator, which started shipping on Feb. 17.
  • IBM Loses Another Round In Pension Case
    IBM owes back payments - possibly worth billions of dollars - to 140,000 older employees who were harmed when the technology giant converted to a new kind of pension plan in the 1990s, a federal judge has ruled.
  • Sun Preps Java Studio Creator Beta
    Sun Microsystems Wednesday said it planned to release in spring a beta version of its Sun Java Studio Creator, which offers developers a simplified development model for building web applications.
  • Plans for ISV logo program, new Centrino also spotlighted at Intel Developer For

    Intel Unveils Next-Gen Notebooks
    With an eye toward expanding notebook form factors and functions, Intel on Wednesday demonstrated next-generation mobile PCs, code-named Florence, that will include more connectivity options and models.
  • Oracle: Latest PeopleSoft Bid Is Final Offer
    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and CFO Jeff Henley say in a letter sent to PeopleSoft Shareholders that the company's $26 per share takeover bid for rival PeopleSoft is the company's "final offer."
  • EDS CEO Says His IT Beats IBM
    IT services giant EDS may not yet be posting the big numbers that it once did, but the Plano, Texas-based company is formalizing a strategy for reclaiming the sure footing it once took for granted. The company, which has endured management upheaval, customer spats and sagging sales in the past two years, has new contracts in the pipeline and shares trading near its 52-week high.
  • Is Another Bubble Building
    Though it seems that the economic rebound is just getting started, there's already concern that another bubble-burst may be coming. It may not be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean it's far away.
  • The Merits of Specialization
    Talk about flying under the radar. Through a combination of good luck and good business sense, Birmingham, Ala.-based Command Alkon (ranked No. 376 on the 2003 VARBusiness 500 list of top solution providers) has latched onto a market so arcane that it's virtually without competition. "We focus on the construction-materials market, [which] has not drawn the attention of major software organizations," says Ken Robinson, founder, president and CEO of the 350-employee integrator.