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  • New client software gives home users multiroom access to digital content

    Microsoft Extends Reach Of Windows Media Center
    In an speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Wednesday night, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates unveiled the Windows Media Center Extender, a new software client designed to give Media Center PC users access to digital content from any room in their home, regardless of where their computer is located.
  • Gates Outlines Digital Vision, New Products and Services
    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said his company will take broad steps to better integrate audio, video and information into electronics and PC technologies in 2004, including advances to MSN, its Media Center PC and vision for the digital home.
  • Grand Central Opens Doors To Next Release
    Grand Central Communications Wednesday released the latest edition of its integration service. The three-year-old company, which originally described itself as a Web services orchestration service, switched to the integration message when its founder, Halsey Minor, took the helm this summer.
  • IBM Cutting 300 Software Jobs
    IBM Corp. is slashing 300 software jobs in a realignment of resources that has been happening periodically at the technology titan, executives said Wednesday.
  • CRM Put To the Challenge
    As with any major financial-services institution, a single JPM Chase customer may have various credit-card accounts, mortgages, personal checking accounts and multiple business relationships. Yet because each one falls into a different repository, it's difficult to get a holistic view of a customer. Hence, a customer calling in with an inactive $500 checking account may actually do millions of dollars of business with the firm, yet customer service reps won't realize they are dealing with a top client.
  • It’s been one year since the Chase-IBM Global deal

    Getting Down To Business
    One year after signing perhaps the most significant commercial IT outsourcing deal to date, JPMorgan Chase and IBM Global Services (IGS) have completed the transition of personnel and assets and are now ready for the hard part: consolidating a complex hodgepodge of data centers and network topologies into a common infrastructure. In achieving that goal, the second-largest financial-services firm in the United States will get what it signed on for--the ability to pay only for the infrastructure it uses.
  • EarthLink Cutting Another 1,300 Jobs
    EarthLink Inc. is cutting another 1,300 jobs, or 40 percent of its work force, and outsourcing the work of some of its call centers to other companies as part of a major restructuring that started a year ago.
  • IBM Unveils New 4-Way Blade Server
    IBM on Wednesday unveiled a high-density extension to its blade server line which fits up to seven 4-way servers into a 7U rack-mount footprint.
  • We have a host of new features and innovations planned for the coming year.

    We Hope To Mind Your Business Even Better in '04
    One of the more envious parts of my job is the proximity I have to the readers of VARBusiness. If CEOs could be this close to their customers and receive the kind of feedback I do on a daily basis, their companies would consistently out-
  • The PowerQuest-Symantec merger changes both companies

    Symantec: Heading In A New Direction
    Sometimes ideas take months to percolate. Other times, it's like a lightbulb suddenly turns on. The latter is what happened last spring to PowerQuest CEO Paul Winn, who went online and saw a news item that changed his entire outlook of his business. The item: Veritas' decision to acquire Precise for roughly $600 million.
  • AMD-Sun alliance bodes well for a number of reasons

    The Opteron Advantage
    Critics and naysayers always knew that Sun Microsystems would eventually be forced to fully embrace a mainstream microprocessor over its proprietary chip technology. But the computer maker recently threw the industry a slight curve ball by teaming with AMD and banking on the new Opteron 64-bit processor, which has helped give AMD a recent boost against Intel.
  • Niches Not Enough For Electronic Systems
    It appears that Dan Cooper might be somewhat of a contrarian. The president of Virginia Beach, Va.-based Electronic Systems (No. 202 on the VAR500) prides himself on being "the world's largest generalist" when a growing number of solution providers are migrating toward specialization.