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  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard
    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina last week addressed HP's Americas Partners, underscoring their $50 billion contribution to HP's $73 billion in annual revenue last year as a critical role in the success of its adaptive enterprise strategy. Afterward, Fiorina fielded questions in an exclusive interview with CMP Media Channel Group President Robert Faletra, VARBusiness Editorial Director Robert C. DeMarzo and CRN Editor Heather Clancy.
  • Adapting To A New HP
    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina is preaching unity. Armed with a new channel strategy that melds its commercial and enterprise units into a single channel organization, an additional $50 million in funding, and the launch of new programs to team with partners on services, Fiorina is set to take on HP's one true technology rival, IBM.
  • Valuable Virtual Input
    Think a keyboard or pointing device has to be made of physical parts and occupy space? Think again. Companies such as iBiz are creating interfaces from beams of laser light. In time, I think the applications for the technology will go much further than that.
  • Creating A Picture-Perfect Display
    The landscape of display technology has changed dramatically in the past couple of years. It now seems that every major IT, display and consumer-electronics vendor is producing LCDs.
  • ShadowRAM: March 29, 2004
    Everyone at Hewlett-Packard's Americas Partner Conference in Los Angeles last week was asking about Dan Vertrees' new role at HP now that Kevin Gilroy is handling Americas channels. Vertrees wasn't much help. When asked about his plans, he told us, "It's a big mystery. Stay tuned. You'll like what you see."
  • Executive Changes
    Management changes provide unique opportunities and challenges in the technology business, where partners are looking for consistency, commitment and crisp communication from their distribution and vendor partners.
  • Briefs: Hindsight And Foresight, March 29, 2004
    PEOPLESOFT SHAREHOLDERS APPROVE BOARD NOMINEESPeopleSoft stockholders on Thursday re-elected the company's board nominees, voting against a recommendation to oust CEO Craig Conway and two others from the governing body.
  • FileMaker Pro, Even Better Than Before
    FileMaker Pro has been updated with an improved relational engine and better security, and with the improvements, observers say the new version could unseat Microsoft Access as the end-user database champion in the small-business market.
  • Fortinet Unit Shines For Wi-Fi
    Wireless hot spots are popping up all over the place, which is great news for mobile workers. They do, however, come with a significant downside: low security. The very nature of sharing a wireless connection with an unknown number of anonymous users opens up a computer or mobile device,and any data accessed by them,to possible attacks.
  • Legal dispute between longtime rivals centers on European market

    Intel, AMD Go At It Again
    It looks like Microsoft isn't the only major IT vendor facing legal action by the European Commission.
  • IBM Readies AIX Consolidation Play
    Consolidation of servers running IBM's AIX operating system on server blades based on the vendor's Power processors will be the next big opportunity for IBM partners, said Brian Conners, vice president of Linux on Power at IBM.
  • New servers target general-purpose apps

    Blade Servers Taking Off In Enterprise
    The blade-server market is starting to boom, and vendors are launching new products with increasing processing responsibilities in the data center.
  • Beadwindow On The Attack
    High-end firewalls used to be called firewalls, even if they were just software packages that had to be loaded onto suitable server-like platforms. Then along came security appliances, which were considered low-end firewalls, suitably priced for the SMB market. Today security appliances come in all flavors, ranging in capability from the entry level all the way to the enterprise. And while they are still just firewalls at heart, security appliances convey a sense of easy installation and set-and-forget configuration.
  • MXV320 Intelligent Application Switch
    For years, many companies have stored their data in multiple-server environments with low scalability, high administrative costs and insufficient protection. Overreliance on such systems has led to problems in network performance, reliability and scalability. It also has limited organizations from reaping the fullest returns on their technology investments.
  • Alt-N's Multithreaded Server Blocks Costly Spam E-mail
    No one can deny that spam e-mail costs companies significantly in lost productivity. While most e-mail server vendors boast that they adequately protect end users from the spam onslaught, few can out-maneuver spammers as well as Alt-N's MDaemon e-mail server.
  • Sidewinder G2 Security Appliance
    Secure Computing's Sidewinder G2 furnishes firewall security at gigabit speeds with integrated high availability. The device accommodates all types of virtual environments by integrating a multitude of security functions into one system. That greatly eases the burden of setup and management for solution providers.
  • EMachines execs coming on board

    Gateway Shakes Up Top-Level Management
    In a major shakeup, PC and electronics maker Gateway is replacing several high-level executives,including two once-high-profile IBMers,with the senior management team from eMachines, which Gateway acquired earlier this month.