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  • Linksys, SMC Wireless Receivers Fall Short
    One of the hottest new items in the home integration craze is the wireless media receiver, which is designed to allow consumers to stream multimedia content (audio, pictures and video) from a PC to a home entertainment center, stereo or other presentation device. The CRN Test Center reviewed two receivers, the Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter and the SMC Networks EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver, and found that both products fall far short of their intended goal.
  • HP's New Server A Good Fit For Small Businesses
    Many systems integrators have forsaken the traditional file server to sell server appliance-based solutions to the small-business market. That trend has been driven by a wealth of factors such as lower costs, easy installation and bundled applications.
  • Distributor to award top solution providers with exclusive incentives

    Tech Data Unveils Rewards Program
    Looking for a New Year's resolution worth keeping? Tech Data can help.
  • Researcher Says Media Center PCs Will Push PC-TV Sales
    A consumer electronics device called a "media center PC" that captures TV programming, digitizes it and stores programming on a hard disk drive could emerge as a key product for manufacturers over the next several years, according to a market researcher.
  • EDS Names Two Executives
    EDS on Thursday named Michael Boustridge VP for its global sales operations unit and Scot McDonald as VP, controller and chief accounting officer.
  • Key piece of economic recovery now in place

    Job Growth Surges In October
    Notions of a "jobless" economic recovery can finally be laid to rest, as data from the U.S. Labor Department show that companies added 126,000 new jobs in October, the third straight monthly increase in employment.
  • Departing Motorola CEO To Stay With Company As Consultant
    Christopher Galvin will stay on at Motorola as a consultant for two years after he leaves as chairman and chief executive of the telecommunications giant, according to a company filing Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Tyco, Partners Form One-Stop Shop For RFID
    Tyco Fire and Security said Thursday it has banded with several other companies to sell integration services and technology to retailers looking to deploy electronic tags to track goods in the supply chain.
  • Offshore Outsourcing Overwhelmingly Expected To Continue
    IT spending may be showing signs of improvement, but don't expect the trend toward offshore outsourcing to abate as a result. Though companies have incrementally moved IT processes such as application development, maintenance and support operations to countries with highly skilled but significantly lower-cost workers for several years, the trend has hit critical mass in the past 12 months.
  • Java inventor Gosling joins developer division as CTO

    Sun To Release Project Rave Preview By Year's End
    Sun Microsystems will release a technology preview of its Project Rave rapid application development tool for Java by the end of the year, with a beta and formal beta program to follow sometime in 2004, a Sun executive said Thursday.
  • FTC Recommends Users Disable Windows Messenger Service
    The Federal Trade Commission Thursday took a first step in slamming a new kind of spam delivered not via e-mail, but through the backdoor of Windows Messenger Service, a technology built into Windows used by some enterprises, but totally wasted on consumers and small businesses.
  • It's Tech Built
    It's been way too long since my last update here, but at least I'm not showing up empty-handed. We've got a bunch of new features online across the ChannelWeb network of sites. First and foremost, our newest site, is live!
  • The firm insists that an influential VC's 38% stake won't compromise objectivity

    Who Owns Gartner?
    Two weeks ago, 700 CIOs and thousands of other technology professionals attended a six-day strategy fest in Orlando, Fla., to hear Gartner analysts talk about everything from application integration to business-process "fusion." The IT research and advisory firm can draw such a large and influential crowd because of its track record for providing top-notch analysis of IT trends and helping companies develop successful business-technology plans. Would their respect for Gartner's advice change if they knew the firm is indirectly owned by dozens of big-money investors who control some of the same companies Gartner evaluates?
  • Wal-Mart RFID Rollout To Start In Texas
    Wal-Mart will use a phased approach to its ambitious radio-frequency identification technology rollout, requiring pallet and case-level tracking for three distribution centers and 150 stores in the Texas region beginning in January 2005, according to a vendor briefed by the company.
  • Organizations need to manage and respond more quickly to change.

    Real-Time Data Access Using Business Process Management
    Organizations are under considerable pressure today to reduce the elapsed time of their business processes, particularly their business-critical processes that provide competitive advantage. Any tool that can enable management to more easily monitor work in progress and identify delays in processing throughout the organization can bring a whole slew of advantages.
  • Wireless Security Seeks Sweet Spot
    It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while enhancements to a technology keep pace with demand and need, as is the case with wireless security, which is evolving nearly hand-in-hand with the maturation of wireless networks. In some cases, they're outpacing them. That's the good news. The bad news is that many customers are still wary of wireless, leaving most VARs months or years away from a wireless payoff.
  • How Will You Score In Microsoft's New Plan?
    Inside Microsoft, the Next Generation Partner Program is now simply known as the Microsoft Partner Program (MPP). But that doesn't diminish how excited Allison Watson, vice president of worldwide partner sales and marketing, is about it. Moreover, her boss' boss, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, is also excited about it.