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  • Acquisition to bolster education and public-sector business

    SunGard Data Systems To Buy SCT
    SunGard Data Systems, a Wayne, Pa.-based financial-services solution provider, said it has reached a tentative agreement to acquire Systems & Computer Technology Corp. (SCT) in an all-cash deal valued at $584 million.
  • Sun Adds Faster Processors To Fire V1280 Server
    Sun on Thursday boosted the speed of its midrange Sun Fire V1280 server by swapping out earlier 900MHz UltraSparc III processors in the 12-way server and replacing them with 1.2GHz CPUs.
  • PC Shipments Higher Than Expected
    Worldwide shipments of personal computers are expected to increase by 15.3 percent in the fourth quarter, driven by lower prices and strong demand among consumers, a market research firm said Thursday.
  • Raymond James atttendees vow targeted approach for 2004

    We're Back, IT Execs Say, But Caution Should Reign
    Business is back -- but IT and channel companies aren't yet dancing a jig, and executives say they will be cautious and targeted in their focus marching into 2004.
  • Athlon 64 Hits The Store Shelves
    The 64-bit AMD Athlon rubber is hitting the road as PC makers are beginning to sell the machines to end users., Emachines, and Hewlett-Packard are offering the machines.
  • Industry Gets Behind VoIP
    Cable and phone companies are hustling to offer new services that route calls over the Internet, a technology that eventually will make the 125-year-old telephone system seem about as advanced as sending smoke signals.
  • AT&T Becomes Latest Carrier To Promise VoIP
    AT&T became the latest major telecommunications carrier to jump on the VoIP bandwagon Thursday, when the company announced plans to launch a widespread effort to sell the technology to business customers sometime next year.
  • Demand For Disk Drives Dips, IDC Figures Reveal
    The worldwide disk storage systems factory business showed a slight dip in revenues for the third quarter of this year, down 0.3 percent compared with the third quarter of 2002, according to recent figures released by International Data Corp.
  • CRN Interview: Mike Devlin, General Manager, IBM Rational Software
    IBM's Rational division is rapidly becoming ground zero for IBM's larger developer tools strategy. IBM recently unveiled that Rational will take over development of its WebSphere Studio toolset, as well as leverage the treasure trove of technologies within IBM Research to continue to fortify IBM's tools. CRN Industry Editor Barbara Darrow and Senior Editor Elizabeth Montalbano sat down with Rational General Manager Mike Devlin at IBM Rational's headquarters in Lexington, Mass., recently to discuss what these plans mean for the division going forward. Below is an excerpt from that interview.
  • Surge of digital devices augurs home solutions opportunities for integrators

    PC Vendors Get Thumbs-Up In Consumer Electronics
    Computer makers are getting a closer look from those looking to buy consumer-electronics products, according to a survey released Thursday by InsightExpress.
  • Shifts Blackmore to Customer Group; Livermore To Run Enterprise, Services Unit

    HP Reorganizes
    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina said Wednesday that the company will reorganize, creating a new customer organization to be run by Executive Vice President Peter Blackmore and giving his responsibilities to HP Services chief Ann Livermore.
  • Free-ish Money For the Picking
    Rarely has so much been available to so many with far too few takers. I'm talking about market-development funds, better known as MDFs. These are dollars that solution providers have earned, but all too often they either expire or go unclaimed -- a remarkable turn of events in what most observers would view as our "entitlement" society.