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  • International Bribery Mess
    It's hard to imagine one of South Korea's biggest corporate corruption scandals involving a respected U.S. IT giant like IBM. Yet a former IBM Korea executive was recently sentenced to 18 months in prison by a Seoul District Court for paying bribes to win government contracts worth up to $55 million.
  • VC Funding Shows Positive Signs
    As goes venture capital, so goes Silicon Valley. That's been a widely accepted premise for the past few decades, and it's an outlook that has taken a beating recently as the bursting of the Internet bubble caused most VCs to go into hiding. But recent signs indicate that venture financiers are not only re-emerging but getting aggressive as well, taking calculated but decisive risks that may foretell a technology recovery.
  • Big Blue Skies In The Sunshine State
    On the surface, it would appear that Mainline Information Systems has little to worry about these days. The solution provider, based in Tallahassee, Fla., more than doubled its sales in 2002 to $330 million and continued growing its revenue another 20 percent last year. Mainline has become one of IBM's top Premier Business Partners in the United States. Not bad for a company that started as a small-town PC consulting operation in 1989 and today specializes in reselling Big Blue's mainframes and eServers across the globe.
  • Here’s what you can expect from the latest crop of printers

    The Fab Five
    Printers are still an exciting place to be these days, as the major vendors continue to enhance, extend and excite us with new features, lower prices and reduced total cost of ownership. To see what is now considered typical, we tested recent models from Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera Mita, Lexmark and Oki Data. What we found is that each printer has its own personality and features, and each is designed for workgroup or heavily shared office uses.
  • Opportunities abound for VARs selling printers

    Printing Money
    For years, printing was a pretty bland and straightforward process; most printers worked at about the same unremarkable speed, and the primary distinction between high-end and low-end devices was ink jet or laser.
  • TechWatch: Office, IM Monitoring; Combo Burners
    New products to monitor instant-messaging sessions, burn DVDs and compete with Office are on tap this week. Send your favorite (and perhaps not-so-favorite) products or suggestions to
  • How your vendors can simplify pricing

    Managing Your Sales
    Most VARs and integrators end up carrying a wide variety of products from too many vendors. This presents many challenges, including managing the numerous price lists and updates that come from them. Here are some demands to make of your product suppliers, and thoughts on things you might do to minimize the pain.
  • The EU Strikes: Hands Down Record Fine To Microsoft
    The European Union declared Microsoft guilty of abusing its "near monopoly" with Windows to squeeze competitors in other markets and hit the software giant with a record fine of $613 million Wednesday.
  • 'It's time to move on,' Grainger says of his departure

    Solution Providers Stunned By Grainger's Retirement
    The retirement of Mike Grainger as worldwide president and COO at Ingram Micro caught some of its most loyal solution providers completely by surprise Tuesday.
  • Microsoft: Proposed EU Fine Is Too Harsh
    In a preview of its promised appeal, Microsoft Corp. accused the European Union on Tuesday of overreaching by including its U.S. business in calculating a record fine of about $615 million for alleged antitrust abuses.
  • Pledges to address channel concerns, but says growth is mutual 'responsibility'

    HP’s Gilroy Stresses Mutual Commitment At Partner Conference
    Hewlett-Packard's newly appointed Americas channel chief, Kevin Gilroy, said Tuesday that his short-term priorities, when the reorganization takes effect May 1, will include a task force charged with helping improve margins for both HP and its partners, and an initiative to boost HP's enterprise business.
  • Samsung To Open New U.S. Printer R&D Site
    Looking to claim the top spot in the laser printer market by the end of the decade, Samsung is ramping up a new printer research-and-development center in Irvine, Calif., and plans to recruit resellers to help it fight rivals such as Hewlett-Packard and Canon.
  • HP Rolls Out Rolling Thunder To Get VARs Into Digital Imaging
    Businesses spend huge amounts of money on printing and imaging. To help solution providers capitalize on that opportunity, Hewlett-Packard is serving up new products and programs to refocus partners on pitching complete digital solutions, rather than just hardware.
  • Facing $613 Million EU Fine, Microsoft Still Wants To Settle
    With a $613 million fine about to be leveled by the European Union against Microsoft, the software company has given up trying to influence the EU's commissioners and, instead, has approached several antitrust authorities in individual nations in a last-ditch attempt to settle the case.
  • UPDATE: Apple Rolls Out Xserve G5
    Apple on Tuesday began shipping the Xserve G5, an upgrade of its 1U rack-mount, Unix-based server line that's powered by the PowerPC G5 processor.
  • Linux software company inks pacts with HP and IBM

    Novell To Meld Best of SuSE And NetWare Server Technologies
    Novell kicked off its annual partner conference this week in Salt Lake City with a new attitude, a new agenda to recruit ISVs and a new mission to reclaim its spot among the nation's top software vendors.
  • Microsoft CRM Marches On
    Microsoft this summer plans to add mobile support to its existing CRM offering, with a full point release set for next spring.