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  • Acer's Full House
    Acer, one of the early pioneers of the PC business, is poised to mount a massive 100 percent channel-focused assault on the U.S. computer market that is sure to shake up the lucrative small- and midsize-business hardware market. With IBM and Hewlett-Packard fighting for high ground in enterprise accounts, Acer is planning an end run to tap into the purchasing power of the tens of thousands of solution providers that are the outsourced IT departments for SMBs.
  • ASP rivals look to cater application services to customer needs

    NetSuite, Jockey For Position
    Two of the biggest ASP pure-plays,NetSuite and,duked it out last week with the release of new editions that can be tailored to customer needs.
  • WorldCom Exec Sidgmore Dies
    John Sidgmore, an Internet entrepreneur who rode the boom and bust of the dot-com bubble, died Thursday. He was 52. The cause of death was reportedly complications caused by acute pancreatitis.
  • Lost Opportunities
    There's an old maxim which states that 90 percent of being successful is simply showing up. But when it comes to vendors coordinating their OEM efforts with their solution provider channel, most vendors have no idea where they are.
  • New Sony Drive Solves SMB Backup Woes
    With the popularity of DVD writers at an all-time high, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the technology has also reached performance levels the industry has never witnessed before.
  • QuicKeys For Windows 2.5
    Recently released QuicKeys for Windows 2.5 continues with its brilliance in automation as a flexible software product that simplifies and puts an end to repetitive tasks. The software automates everything and anything with hotkeys, toolbars and timers.
  • Acquisition to bolster education and public-sector business

    SunGard Data Systems To Buy SCT
    SunGard Data Systems, a Wayne, Pa.-based financial-services solution provider, said it has reached a tentative agreement to acquire Systems & Computer Technology Corp. (SCT) in an all-cash deal valued at $584 million.
  • Sun Adds Faster Processors To Fire V1280 Server
    Sun on Thursday boosted the speed of its midrange Sun Fire V1280 server by swapping out earlier 900MHz UltraSparc III processors in the 12-way server and replacing them with 1.2GHz CPUs.
  • PC Shipments Higher Than Expected
    Worldwide shipments of personal computers are expected to increase by 15.3 percent in the fourth quarter, driven by lower prices and strong demand among consumers, a market research firm said Thursday.
  • Raymond James atttendees vow targeted approach for 2004

    We're Back, IT Execs Say, But Caution Should Reign
    Business is back -- but IT and channel companies aren't yet dancing a jig, and executives say they will be cautious and targeted in their focus marching into 2004.
  • Athlon 64 Hits The Store Shelves
    The 64-bit AMD Athlon rubber is hitting the road as PC makers are beginning to sell the machines to end users., Emachines, and Hewlett-Packard are offering the machines.
  • Industry Gets Behind VoIP
    Cable and phone companies are hustling to offer new services that route calls over the Internet, a technology that eventually will make the 125-year-old telephone system seem about as advanced as sending smoke signals.