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  • Keeping It Simple
    I spent one day last week at a customer summit hosted by a CRN Editorial Cabinet member. The overriding discussion topic on the agenda was "Fused IT," or the notion that technology deployments are collaborative ventures that require the combined expertise of solution providers, vendors and, of course, customers.
  • MailMarshal Tames Spam, Worms
    With rising rates of spam, combined with the flurry of viruses and worms lurking online, it becomes apparent that unwanted e-mail content has evolved from a nuisance to a danger. Spam has quickly become the bane of network administrators and end users alike, even more so now that the latest batch of worms mimic legitimate e-mail to spread malicious code to other computers.
  • GSA-4082B (All format 8X DVD Writer)
    Supporting legacy media is not problem for the GSA-4082B. Testing shows it supports even two types of DVD-RAM in addition to the more common CD, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R and DVD RW. That preserves any investment in older media, and eliminates barriers to including the unit in future systems.
  • Quick Eagle Networks’ Router Provides Robust Functionality
    In a world where Cisco routers reign supreme and are widely distributed, companies such as Quick Eagle Networks (QEN) obviously need an edge, and the number one thing they do for their VARs besides offering a turn-key solution is provide better margin opportunities on their products.
  • Partners say end of war will boost customers, and Windows/Unix services business

    Sun, Microsoft Pact Viewed As 'Unholy Alliance' Against Linux, IBM
    Microsoft and Sun redrew the battle lines in the computing world Friday, with news of a 10-year pact designed to better integrate the leading proprietary Unix and Windows platforms and unifying the rivals against a common enemy--IBM and Linux.
  • Job Creation Hits Four-Year High in March
    The Commerce Department reported Friday that the economy added more jobs in March than at any time since April 2000, evidence that the weak job market may finally be gaining steam.
  • Management Software Company To Be Rolled Into iAnywhere Solutions

    Sybase To Acquire XCelleNet In $95 Million Cash Deal
    Sybase has agreed to acquire XcelleNet, for an estimated $95 million, as a way to bolster its mobile solutions subsidiary, iAnywhere Solutions. Sybase announced its plans Friday.
  • Oracle Is Facing EU Antitrust Music This Week
    Oracle Corp. continued to argue its case for acquiring PeopleSoft Inc. before the European Union Thursday, parading a bogeyman the EU has already decided really is a bogeyman: Microsoft.
  • The Man Behind IBM’s Systems Group Sizes Up The Competition
    The ultimate responsibility for setting and executing IBM's hardware strategy rests with Bill Zeitler, senior vice president at IBM and head of the company's Systems Group. Zeitler outlined his 2004 partner priorities--which include gaining storage market share, reinvigorating demand for PowerPC systems and creating a broader channel ecosystem for IBM hardware--in an interview with VARBusiness editorial director Robert DeMarzo and CRN editor in chief Michael Vizard.
  • IBM In The Driver’s Seat
    There's a swagger and spirit in the step of IBM not seen in years. And why not? Its stock currently trades for around $90 per share--near its 52-week high of $100 and change--and it has made recent share gains in a variety of segments, including
  • Acquisition Propels NetScreen
    Funny how the fate of a company can turn on a dime. Take NetScreen. Just a few short months ago, the company was a promising developer of network security and access solutions for enterprise and carrier-class customers. It was best known, perhaps, for its own acquisition of Neoteris, a market leader in SSL VPN technology.
  • When it comes to business-process management, exceptions are the rule

    Automation In the Real World
    Business-process management (BPM) deals with the way organizations conduct their businesses. Even processes that appear simple become complicated as soon as they involve a large number of people. That's because the more people using the system, the more exceptions and special conditions surface. A solution provider's best defense is to be aware of--and equipped for--those types of issues. Here's what you need to know:
  • Get the IT help you need--and at the right price

    Where To Go For Free Support
    These days, VARs face real challenges and costs when it comes to finding quality technical support. Hardware and software companies continue to reduce margins, and the days of free support are pretty much gone. In its place are a sea of phone menu trees that are anything but clear-cut, and when you do break through to talk to a real person, you find yourself conversing with someone from another country who doesn't provide much help. In the end, you pay for support as you would your local shrink: for the time involved, not for whether your problem is fixed.
  • The skinny on narrow, wide, bright, tough and low-power screens

    On Display: The New Breed of Monitors
    Buying a monitor was once a relatively easy task. But as demand for displays with more than just a pretty screen has risen, their feature sets have expanded and become even more complex. These days, desktop monitors
  • IBM And HP Duke It Out For Market Dominance
    It's a two-horse race." Those are the words HP chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina uses to describe the current computing landscape where only two diverse players remain--IBM and HP. Fiorina made that insightful remark during an interview she gave minutes after she delivered a comprehensive, one-hour speech to nearly 1,000 HP partners and channel-centric employees. If she is right--and I believe she is--IBM and HP are going to battle for leadership in the computer industry for the next several years, picking up where Microsoft, Intel and Dell have left off.