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  • ZyAIR B-220 Wireless LAN USB Stick
    Adding Wi-Fi networking to a notebook or desktop computer just got easier with the B-220 Wireless LAN USB Stick from ZyXel. VARs will find the product's compact, all-in-one design a real boon to those needing instant wireless connectivity.
  • Offshore Outsourcing Blues
    This week, high tech executives lobbied Congress and the Bush administration against restrictions on their ability to move jobs overseas. You won't be surprised to hear that this topic provoked the most discussion on the ChannelWeb discussion boards this week--readers went back and forth on whether government needs to step in to protect jobs, or if we're all better off if the marketplace is left unfettered.
  • Blu-ray Disc Founders say HP, Dell now support format

    Consortium: New Disc Standard On Tap For 2004
    The industry consortium evaluating the next-generation standard for optical discs has agreed to support the new, high-density Blu-ray Disc format, with rollout of the standard set for this year.
  • IBM Previews WebSphere 6.0 To ISVs
    Beating rival BEA Systems to the standards punch for the first time in recent memory, IBM this week released a developer's version of its forthcoming application server that features baked-in support for new Java standards.
  • Synnex Reports $4.13 Billion In 2003 Revenue
    In its first earnings call since becoming a public company, Synnex welcomed its new shareholders by reporting $1.35 billion for its fourth quarter ended Nov. 30 and $4.13 billion in sales for the full year in 2003.
  • How Close To Reality Is the Home Network?
    Although the maturation of consumer electronics is closer than ever to making a reality of visions like home networks, some industry insiders differ on how close to fruition the concept really is.
  • Motorola Gets License On Tracking Tech
    Motorola Inc. is licensing wireless technology from a startup led by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak to develop devices and services that can monitor the locations of people, pets or important possessions.
  • Verizon Wireless To Launch National 3G Data Net
    Verizon Wireless announced Thursday plans to expand its wireless high-speed data service across the country, with many large cities scheduled to be online this summer. The service has been in operation in San Diego and Washington, D. C., since October.
  • Dell Wants $60B In Revenue By 2006
    As Dell prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, founder and CEO Michael Dell doesn't see his company slowing anytime soon.
  • Business Objects And Crystal Decisions Describe Merger Plan
    Business Objects SA will integrate Crystal Decisions' reporting applications with its own software in stages during the next two years, starting with integration tools due in the next few months that will let users access reports using either company's business-intelligence software.