CRN Channel News

  • IT Spending Recovery On Track
    The U.S. Commerce Department's preliminary estimate of economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2003 fell short of expectations, rattling global financing markets. For the channel, however, the data is cause for reassurance, not concern.
  • Eclipse Foundation officially breaks from IBM at EclipseCon

    Independence Day
    The Eclipse Foundation last week celebrated its independence from IBM and introduced the next version of its open-source application development framework at the first EclipseCon show.
  • Samsung Addressing Resellers' Concerns
    Samsung Electronics' Digital Information Technology Division and its new Reseller Advisory Council have begun discussions about the peripheral vendor's channel programs, and both sides say the effort is definitely a step in the right direction.
  • Are You Wide Enough?
    Anyone who reads this column with any kind of frequency knows I'm a sucker for cool technology, especially in the communications space. It's the reason I swear by my Treo combo phone-PDA, although it's killing me that my service provider hasn't yet supported the latest edition.
  • HP Agent Program Raises Questions
    Solution providers remain cautious about Hewlett-Packard's revamped agent program because of concerns over how deals are priced and fears that the vendor may convert agent accounts to 100 percent direct.
  • New HP Desktop Boasts Style, Affordability And Space-Saving Design
    Business users traditionally don't need anything more in a desktop PC than speedy processing, a good-size hard drive and sufficient memory. However, users have long been limited to boring-looking business desktops and white-box systems that do little to brighten up their environment or spirits. But today, things are different, with many desktops designed specifically with style in mind, yet costing little more than standard models.
  • More drives selling out of the channel than into it

    Western Digital CEO: Channel Inventory Balancing Out
    Western Digital's CEO said channel inventory of hard drives is burning off this quarter, with major drive manufacturers selling less product into the channel than out.
  • EDS Loses $354 Million in 4Q
    Electronic Data Systems swung to a loss of $354 million in the fourth quarter after writing down the value of a big contract with the Navy that the company is trying to renegotiate.
  • Apple CFO Announces Retirement
    Apple Computer on Thursday said Fred Anderson, the company's chief financial officer for nearly eight years, would retire on June 1.
  • Chief technology evangelist cites business reasons for company's decision

    Sun Continues To Waffle On Possibility of Joining Eclipse
    Executives from Sun Microsystems continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to the possibility of Sun joining the Eclipse Foundation.