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  • Fingerprinting At Airports Paves Way For Big VISIT Contract
    As United States immigration officers began fingerprinting thousands of foreign visitors on Monday, Jan. 5, the move signals a major step forward for biometrics technology. The effort marks the debut of the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) closely watched Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT) program. It also sets the stage for systems integrators and subcontractors to take over the effort later this year in a procurement that will be worth billions of dollars.
  • Are your employees making the most of the time they work for you?

    How To Keep Your Bench Going Strong
    With high-end consultants accounting for the bulk of its 84-person staff, Alliant Technologies knew that to succeed it had to develop a practice that maximized its billable time. So company management decided that each member of its consulting team needed to obtain advanced certifications on core technologies, such as Cisco's Network Systems.
  • Mobile Athlon 64 processors adopted by HP, eMachines

    AMD Ships New 64-Bit Chips
    Hoping to kick-start 2004 with a refreshed product lineup, chip maker Advanced Micro Devices said it has begun shipping new versions of its Athlon 64 processor for desktops, workstations and notebooks.
  • Merrill Lynch Raises Sun's 2Q Estimates
    Though it's still too early to be sure, brighter financial times might be around the corner for beleaguered systems vendor Sun Microsystems, according to a leading financial management firm.
  • Banner Year Predicted For Digital Products
    With the International Consumer Electronics Show set to kick off this week in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Association on Monday projected manufacturer-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics products to crack the $100 billion mark this year.
  • Adobe Offers New Migration Package For PageMaker Users
    Abode has unveiled InDesign CS PageMaker Edition, a bundle that combines its InDesign application with special tools, templates and training materials to help orphaned PageMaker users transition to Adobe's more robust page layout and design software.
  • Intel Ships Mobile Celeron
    In another shot aimed at strengthening its grip on the mobile processor space, chip giant Intel is rolling out lower-cost solutions based on its Banias technology.
  • Vendor to stay true to Eclipse as common framework for development

    IBM Not Part Of Java Tools Community Effort
    When a group of Java software vendors unveils an agreement Tuesday to align their Java tools strategies, IBM will not be among them.