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  • Gentlemen First
    While average compensation began to rise again in 2003 after two years of sluggish growth, not all boats rose equally with tide. For one thing, solution providers handed out bigger raises to male managers than their female counterparts last year, according to the 2004 CRN Salary Survey.
  • Experience Counts For Less
    Veteran employees with more than 10 years of experience had a tougher time getting raises than those with less experience, according to the 2004 CRN Salary Survey.
  • Spotty Recovery, Budding Raises
    In a sign that the technology industry has moved toward recovery, solution providers began handing out solid pay raises in 2003, according to data from the 2004 CRN Salary Survey.
  • 2004 Salary Survey Contents
    A comphrehensive look at trends in compensation in 2003 for solution providers, based on location, certifications, solution provider size, snd other criteria.
  • Portable Hard Drives: A Profitable Entry Point
    External disk drives for desktop systems offer access into verticals seeking to increase data storage capacity, enhance security, support collaboration and promote data backup practices. They also have applications for white-box builders, systems integrators and ISVs.
  • Custom Desktops Outstrip Brands In latest Survey
    System builders' market share of the desktop segment is nearing all-time high levels, with CRN's May Monthly Solution Provider Survey showing that white boxes had almost double the share of the highest-selling name brand, Hewlett-Packard.
  • Engagement Rules
    Does the industry really need another "Rules of Engagement" manifesto?
  • ShadowRAM: June 28, 2004
    Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that Comdex was put on the shelf this year. The cab lines had shrunk from the two-hour waiting times circa 1997 to no lines at last year's show, which made for happier feet but grumbling cab drivers and exhibitors.
  • Pay Yourself First
    More than a few solution provider owners have gone out of business over the years because the one person they forgot to pay was themselves.
  • Bush, Kerry Offer Ideas On Technology
    President Bush and Democratic rival John Kerry offered ideas Thursday to push the United States to the cutting edge on technology, with the hope of securing crucial political support in Silicon Valley and other high-tech regions.
  • Synnex Posts Q2 Revenue Gains
    Just a few months after its celebrated IPO, Synnex is already reaping the enormous rewards, as well as the growing pains, of a publicly traded IT company.
  • Comdex: A Eulogy
    After a quarter century, Comdex is gone -- not with a bang, but a wounded, meek whimper.
  • Cognos CEO Sets the Record Straight
    Robert Ashe officially takes over as CEO of Cognos on July 1. The company's former president and COO, Ashe views corporate performance management (CPM) as key to the company's growth. The channel, too. Despite recent gains on the product front, however, Cognos has an inconsistent track record when it comes to partners"a problem Ashe readily acknowledges. In an interview with VARBusiness senior editor Jeffrey Schwartz, Ashe explains how Cognos will remain committed to partners.
  • Business-Intelligence Software: Look Who's Calling
    In this detailed look at the BI market, we examine the strategies of these three leaders, which compete with MicroStrategy, Information Builders and others, and outline where you can make money in a market that is literally knocking at your door.
  • Cognos Boosts Earnings Forecast
    Underscoring the growth of business-intelligence (BI) software and corporate performance management (CPM) applications, Cognos on Wednesday said revenue for its fiscal quarter ended May 31 increased 15 percent, totaling $174 million, and profits were up 62 percent, or $20.1 million.