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  • Business-Intelligence Software: Look Who's Calling
    In this detailed look at the BI market, we examine the strategies of these three leaders, which compete with MicroStrategy, Information Builders and others, and outline where you can make money in a market that is literally knocking at your door.
  • Cognos Boosts Earnings Forecast
    Underscoring the growth of business-intelligence (BI) software and corporate performance management (CPM) applications, Cognos on Wednesday said revenue for its fiscal quarter ended May 31 increased 15 percent, totaling $174 million, and profits were up 62 percent, or $20.1 million.
  • Microsoft Focuses On Its Enterprise-Applications Business
    Lest anyone thought that Microsoft's enterprise application ambitions have been sated, think again. The Redmond, Wash., software giant, already marketing its own CRM software and a plateful of ERP apps it acquired from a quartet of ISVs such as Great Plains, says it is far from putting the cap on its expansion plans.
  • Your best bet is to take a tip from the Boy Scouts

    How To Survive In The Midmarket
    Solution providers often find the midmarket a place in which the accepted rules no longer apply. Here, you need to cover more territory with fewer resources.
  • Microsoft To Increase Hotmail Storage
    Microsoft Hotmail will become the latest Web-based e-mail service to increase the amount of storage space available for its free accounts, following similar moves by rivals.
  • So Long, Comdex
    The passing of Comdex is a moment worth noting. For years, Comdex was the place to be in November -- de rigeur for anyone hoping to make a splash in IT. It was where Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates set the industry on its ear and where the titans of the business winded and dined their best partners and customers. Truth be told, however, the show never recovered from the dot-com crash and the events of 911.
  • Owner says trade show will return next year

    Comdex 2004 Canceled
    After a 25-year run, Comdex has been canceled for this year, but the show's owner is planning for its return in 2005.
  • MaXware Integrates With MIIS 2003
    iMaXware's provisioning solution, Maxware identity center, will integrate with Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (MIIS), the company's identity life-cycle management offering.
  • Sprint to Boost Wireless Network Speeds
    Trying to keep pace with its rivals, Sprint Corp. is boosting speeds on its wireless data network by up to tenfold in a technology upgrade it says will cost about $1 billion.