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  • HP Unveils Server Blade Road Map
    Hewlett-Packard believes that server blades will rival traditional tower-and-rack systems within a few years, and released plans to expand its portfolio to include Opteron and Itanium-based blades.
  • Intel Clears Up Tejas Confusion
    Intel is revamping its microprocessor lineup to emphasize multicore chips, putting to rest rising confusion about its road map in the wake of the company's recent cancellation of its Tejas processor.
  • IBM Rearchitects The Desktop
    Will IBM's latest attempt to stake a piece of the desktop hold water this time around? Big Blue is actively recruiting partners to support its new WorkPlace release. Built on the open-source Eclipse framework, WorkPlace will let customers dynamically run standard components, including customized programs as well as packaged apps from ISVs, Microsoft Office and lower-cost productivity programs.
  • TechWatch: Storage Edition
    Welcome to the all-storage edition of TechWatch. We've tested three of the more innovative products to save your files.
  • Distribution: Rethinking Priorities
    The distributor's role was once largely defined by a pick-pack-ship response to demand generated by vendors. But today, distributors have become "channel architects," driving sales through involvement in vendor, reseller and end-user demand-generation programs, according to a study unveiled last month.
  • There's no (good) reason for losing valuable PC data

    How To Build A Mobile Rack
    There's no (good) reason for losing valuable PC data
  • What It Takes: 51-100
    The top executives who run companies Nos. 51 to 100 on this year's VARBusiness 500.
  • What It Takes
    Get to know the channel executives that run the top 50 companies on the VARBusiness 500 list.
  • Seeks new share of consumer, enterprise markets

    Seagate To Ship New Drives
    Seagate will announce a new lineup of disk drives next week.
  • International Arrest Warrant Issued for Tomo Razmilovic

    Former Top Symbol Exec Expected To Be No Show In Court
    Symbol's former top executive--thought to be in London--is expected to be a no-show at his first scheduled court appearance to face federal charges that he orchestrated a four-year accounting fraud scheme at the mobile products vendor. Meanwhile, more details came out on the company's alleged channel stuffing practices that the SEC charges began as early as 1998.
  • ISVs knew where to turn during the downturn"to themselves

    A Lesson In Self-Reliance
    ISVs knew where to turn during the downturn" to themselves