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  • Notification failure not related to Microsoft antitrust case, DOJ says

    DOJ Fines Gates $800,000 For Reportedly Violating Hart-Scott-Rodino Act
    Microsoft Chairman William H. Gates III has agreed to pay a fine of $800,000 for allegedly failing to disclose an investment in a Seattle area pharmaceutical company, the U.S. Department of Justice said Monday.
  • New commission structure includes full-channel-neutral sales policy

    CA Quotas Up To Partners
    Computer Associates International has implemented a new sales and commission structure aimed at getting the company's 1,100-member direct-sales team to work more closely with partners, said Greg Corgan, CA's newest sales chief.
  • Briefs Hindsight And Foresight: May 3, 2004
    SEELINGER GETS GLOBAL CHANNEL NODAllyson Seelinger, Symantec's vice president of North American channels, has been promoted to the position of vice president of global channel sales and strategy.
  • Pricing Power On The Upswing
    Pricing power, or companies' ability to raise the price of their products, has long been a missing ingredient in corporate efforts to increase profits. Recently, however, pricing power has been returning to the economy.
  • Not So Spiffy
    Don Richie, CEO of Sequel Data Systems, could not have been more furious when he found out that one of his sales reps was jetting off to Australia in January as a result of a Hewlett-Packard spif program. "No one let me know this was going on and I had no choice in the matter," said Richie, an HP-exclusive partner based in Austin, Texas.
  • Seagate's Fiscal 3Q Revenue Drops
    A top financial securities firm downgraded its rating on hard-drive maker Seagate Technology, saying "the company's operating model appears to be broken."
  • At A Higher Level
    The cause of most conflict is ignorance. Lack of knowledge creates an environment where people distrust the motives of the other parties involved. And when people don't really understand what motivates the other party, they begin to act on a faulty set of assumptions.
  • What really works: sales incentives

    Which Practice Sells More Products: Spifs Or Lead-Generation Programs?
    There are some things in this world that just won't go away, no matter how much you wish they would. Ted Kennedy, your birthday and April 15 are a few examples that jump to mind. On Cape Cod, there's an old joke that summer doesn't officially begin until Teddy runs his car up on the sidewalk for the first time.
  • SAP's Development Time Line
    During its Sapphire conference this month in New Orleans, SAP plans to set a timetable for re-engineering its suite of enterprise applications around a services-oriented architecture.
  • Vertical Market And Solution Initiatives
    Darren McBride, president of Sierra Computers and Training in Reno, Nev., calls Ingram Micro's help in driving HIPAA-compliance solutions one of the crown jewels of being affiliated with the world's largest computer products distributor.
  • Take Note: Tablet PCs Get More Innovative
    Innovation permeates the Tablet PC market, with the Tablet PC OS appearing on an increasing range of devices that provide both vertical and horizontal opportunities. CRN Test Center engineers reviewed new models from two leading Tablet PC vendors, Fujitsu and Motion Computing.
  • Google Gets Philosophical In IPO Notice
    When Google Inc. began its explosive rise nearly six years ago, it was unconventional in its stark layout, absence of annoying banner ads and unprecedented usefulness.
  • Succeeds founder Jerry Sanders, who stays on board as chairman emeritus

    AMD Names Hector Ruiz Chairman
    Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices has completed its leadership transition, naming CEO Hector Ruiz as chairman of the board.