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  • At D&H roundtable, solution providers talk about extreme measures to stay alive

    Survival of The Fittest
    Keystone Computer's retail store used to be the solution provider's crown jewel. The 4,000-square-foot operation, based in DuBois, Pa., was the literal foundation for the company.
  • Enjoy the cream of the crop from NetWorld+Interop

    Best of Interop Products
    The recent NetWorld+Interop conference played host to 185 products from 135 vendors vying to win a Best of Interop award across 10 technology categories.
  • Microsoft Simplifies Search Web Site'
    Microsoft Corp., seeking to play catch-up in a market where it admits it's been late to the party, has launched a new version of its search Web site with a simple interface that mimics rival Google Inc.
  • Microsoft to Pay Up to $241.4M Settlement
    Microsoft Corp. will pay up to $241.4 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by Minnesota computer users who claimed the software company overcharged them.
  • Offshore Opinions
    Before you send me nasty e-mails about supporting development in India, consider these articles.
  • The tale of Networks of Florida is inspiring; keep your eyes on .Net; almost time for the arc

    How To Ditch Your Business Model and Survive
    Networks of Florida's longtime president decided to take the company into an entirely new direction--one surprisingly dependent on a single software company.
  • Java Creator Weighs in On Open-Source Debate
    As Java industry leaders continue to debate at JavaOne 2004 whether Java's stewardship might be better in the open-source community than with Sun Microsystems, the technology's creator James Gosling said open-sourcing Java remains a tricky issue.
  • TechXNY Becoming Many Shows In One
    TechXNY, the annual IT showcase in New York, is reaching further beyond its PC roots this year by including several events covering technology ranging from consumer electronics to wireless.
  • TechWatch: Wireless
    As a judge for Best in Show at NetWorld+Interop, I was asked to review new wireless products. The following three caught my eye.
  • How a one-time leader in networking is working with Crossbeam to better penetrate the security market

    Secure Future
    Today, 3Com is more into high-end modular Gigabit switches and Voice over IP than commodity products. But the results from reinventing itself have been mixed.
  • Pulse: Chip Segment Leads IT Rebound
    The tech industry has taken a positive turn, with companies across a variety of sectors"hardware, software, IT services and semiconductors"showing increased revenue, according to Culpepper, an Alpharetta, Ga.-based research firm, whose examination of U.S.-based public tech companies' Q4 '03 results reveal the greatest revenue growth momentum in three years.
  • Marketing programs are designed to give individual resellers better visibility

    Avnet Gets SMART With Lead-Generation Program
    For quite a few vendors and distributors, converting sales leads into actual business for the channel is almost as difficult as changing lead to gold. Many have tried, but few have succeeded.
  • J&J Consolidates Financial Planning
    ISA helped J&J tie together more than 200 different departments so that its managers could have a common Web-based, real-time view of its budgeting and financial-planning systems.
  • Poisoned Policies Doom Resellers

    Apple's Tactics Leave Bad Taste
    Several former Apple authorized resellers have essentially declared war on Apple. At least one has filed a lawsuit against the computer maker, and several have set up a site ( that invites others to share their tales of Apple woes.
  • Sell conventionally and you could fall into one-or all-of three traps

    How To Sell Complex Solutions
    Prospect, qualify, present and close. Those are the four basic elements of the conventional sales process, which most organizations still follow today. The problem is, the world in which we sell has changed. We must deal with complex problems and correspondingly complex solutions that involve multiple decisions and multiple decision-makers"most of whom are having an ever-increasingly hard time understanding their own problems and the solutions that will best resolve them.
  • GTDC Examines Special Pricing

    The Battle Over The Bid
    Earlier this year, the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) held a "workshop" with the top executives of many distributors as well as the chief channel and sales officials from the industry's largest and most prominent vendors.
  • What's Up At Ingram Micro?
    Last winter, many analysts and market watchers were licking their chops over prospects that the IT distribution sector was poised for a much-needed rebound. The consensus among Wall Street watchers was that Ingram Micro was primed to reap the benefits, even more so than its chief rival, Tech Data.