CRN Channel News

  • JBoss Astroturfs
    A series of Web postings appear to have gotten JBoss' boss in the middle of an open-source brawl.
  • Apple Readies Search Technology For Macs
    CEO Steve Jobs says the technology, called Spotlight, will be part of next year's Mac OS X upgrade and will let users easily search the contents of their computers.
  • Hyperion Makes Nice To the Channel
    Rodek discusses Hyperion's approach to the channel, the importance of CPM and the company's recent acquisition of Brio, which will be key to the company's growth moving forward.
  • Business Objects, Cognos and Hyperion Want You

    Look Who's Calling
    Hyperion and Cognos are also both looking to add partners and grow their indirect revenue.
  • Intel Debuts Xeon With 64-Bit Extensions
    Intel has unveiled its first processor equipped with its long-awaited 64-bit instruction-set extensions, fielding a 3.6-GHz Xeon aimed at competing against similar technology launched by AMD in 2003.
  • Hot Times Call For Cooler CPUs
    Recently, a burning issue of discomforting proportions has moved both Intel and AMD to take decisive action. The fallout will soon result in the biggest changes to microprocessor product lineups VARs will have at their disposal since the first Pentium was introduced in 1993.
  • Customers across myriad verticals turn to offshore outsourcing

    Far From Home
    For all the rhetoric about offshore outsourcing's impact on the domestic economy during this election season, the fact remains that more customers, not fewer, will utilize solution providers from other parts of the world.
  • CRN Interview: Altiris' Greg Butterfield
    As it expands from desktop management to the server and IT asset management space, Altiris has formed a new Business Partner Program that aims to strike a balance between reseller and OEM engagements in the channel.
  • While Veritas blossoms, CEO Gary Bloom ponders small biz

    Does Veritas Misunderstand SMBs?
    Gary Bloom believes Veritas can carve out a sizable niche as the only serious, viable, independent provider of utility-computing software that promises high-availability storage management, clustering and reliability.
  • Do You Have Good Plans Under Development?
    If you are pondering your next business move, we have some information that can help you sort out ways to bolster profitability or delve into a new business venture.
  • Certification Deflation
    In a reversal from past surveys, vendor-specific certifications appear to be losing their earning power for technicians, according to data from the 2004 CRN Salary Survey.