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  • Calence Picked To Refresh
    When Dial decided to refresh its network infrastructure so it could run video over its internal backbone, the company put out an RFP for a networking vendor and implementation partner. The winner was right in Dial's backyard,Tempe, Ariz.-based Calence, a Gold-certified Cisco partner. Calence beat out IBM Global Services and Siemens. What pushed Calence over the top?
  • VARs and vendors alike could cash in on increased IT spending

    New Business You Can Bank On
    Something curious is happening--retail banks seem to be realizing the error of their ways. Remember a few years ago when banks were shutting down branches and scaling back on live-teller services? For all intents and purposes, they were pushing customers out of the branches. But now they want those customers back, and apparently they are willing to spend IT dollars to make that happen.
  • Apps Dominate Outsourcing Requirements
    While the boom in big ERP deployments is a faded memory, there are still plenty of customers looking to integrate their business applications, automate their manufacturing and/or supply chains, and improve visibility into their customers.
  • GE Access Offers Year-End Rebates
    GE Access is offering a series of discounts, rebates and other programs to help Sun Microsystems solution providers better compete for year-end opportunities, according to the Westminster, Colo.-based distributor.
  • Qwest To Offer VoIP
    Qwest Communications will introduce VoIP service in Minnesota, taking advantage of a Minnesota federal judge's ruling to deregulate Internet telephone service. Qwest's announcement also comes in the same week that the regional telephone provider begins marketing long-distance service in the 12 Western states, including Minnesota, where it already dominates local phone service.
  • Novell Buys Unix, Again
    It was a little more than 10 years ago that our industry had the headlines about Novell buying Unix System Labs (USL) from AT&T for $270 million worth of stock. That was back in the days before Linus got started on Linux, and when the majority of network file servers were running NetWare. In 1993, DOS was still a big deal. Graphical interfaces were still only found on Macintoshes. IBM was still selling plenty of mainframes and had high hopes for OS/2.
  • Shooting For the Stars
    I had an opportunity to hear a talk by former Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise last week. It was a fascinating look at a period in our technology history that I haven't thought much about lately. That, combined with my role in giving out the VARBusiness Tech Innovator awards this week, got me thinking about the state of innovation in our industry and how much has changed during the past 30 years since we regularly put men into outer space and had so many moon landings that they ceased to be newsworthy.
  • Lotus Preaches 'Rich Client' Religion, Continuity For Domino Apps
    Lotus Domino will have life beyond the current 6.5 release, according to executives from IBM's Lotus Software group. Over time the collaboration server will be blended into the company's overall Workplace scenario, and the company again pledged continued support for current development and applications.
  • Three sobering thoughts on the state of Sun’s situation

    Lost In Translation
    I feel better about our execution over the last 18 months than any 18-month period in the last six or seven years by a lot."
  • VARBusiness Honors Technology Innovators
    Is innovation dead? If anyone tells you it is, I have evidence that they are dead wrong. Several months ago, VARBusiness embarked on an ambitious project to identify today's most innovative products. To do so, we asked vendors
  • RIM, Sharp and Samsung update their offerings

    Three New PDAs Provide Mixed Experiences
    The latest crop of PDAs arrived this fall with more color and more capabilities. These new units combine cell phones with address books in new and interesting ways and expand the PDA universe beyond the traditional Palm OS.
  • Dial: A Clean, Fresh Feeling
    Wander the aisles of your local supermarket, Target or Wal-Mart store and you'll be hard-pressed to not find shelves stocked with products from Clorox, Colgate, Dial, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. In terms of brand awareness and the amount of shelf space these companies get, no one would dispute they are giants. However, one of the companies, Dial, the maker of its namesake soap and other well-known brands like Armour, Breck, Coast and Purex,
  • Major Facelift For SAP Enterprise Portal
    SAP AG on Wednesday announced the first major upgrade to SAP Enterprise Portal in nearly two years. The updated software is a component of SAP NetWeaver, SAP's integration and application platform that connects software from across vendors.
  • Chris Stone says $210 million deal will impact how IHVs approach OS software

    Novell Acquisition of SuSE Linux Is Industry-Changing Event, Says Vice Chairman
    For years, Novell has tried to come up with an OS alternative to its one-time market leading network operating systems software, NetWare. It bought the rights to Unix and began a series of forays into NetWare alternatives and derivatives including SuperNOS, UnixWare, Portable NetWare, Processor Independent NetWare, etc. Promising though some were, none met with any commercial success. Certainly, none ever generated the excitement and enthusiasm that Linux has.
  • IBM Creates On-Demand Prices For Desktops
    IBM's flexible pricing strategy is being applied to office PCs and printers. The company's Global Services unit, which already sells heavy-duty computing power to big businesses on a pay-as-you-go basis, Tuesday launched Workplace On Demand, a program under which business customers can acquire and maintain equipment from desktops to PDAs for one monthly bill that varies based on the number of users.