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  • Q&A: Microsoft’s Jeff Raikes On Office 2003
    True to fashion, Microsoft is spending big -- plunking a whopping $150 million into the marketing and development of the new Office System. The executive charged with seeing it all come together is Jeff Raikes, a longtime Microsoft official and group vice president of productivity and business services. He recently agreed to speak with VARBusiness senior writer Carolyn A. April about his goals for Office System and the opportunity he sees for partners.
  • Firm Developing Video That Doesn't Need A Monitor To Display
    A tiny start-up founded by Chad Dyner, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, is working on a device that projects a two-dimensional video image into thin air. The picture simply floats in front of the viewer, and doesn't require special lenses to see.
  • IBM Cuts 200 Software Jobs
    IBM is cutting about 200 jobs in its software division as part of an effort to streamline operations.
  • Handsets, emerging geographies and telco infrastructure among areas of growth

    Intel's Barrett Looks To Nontraditional Markets
    Intel CEO Craig Barrett said the company will aggressively target opportunities outside of its traditional revenue stream in PCs during 2004.
  • A Look At Comdex
    There are still long taxi lines at Comdex. But nowadays, it's the cabs that are waiting for action, not attendees. Yes, it's the new Comdex. Smaller, easier to navigate and, unfortunately, not nearly as relevant.
  • Good. Because AT&T Wireless CEO predicts wireless is here to stay.

    Can You Hear Him Now?
    While the wireless industry boasted perhaps a tad too much a few years ago about the changes it would bring to the communications market, it is, nonetheless, a "killer product" that will totally replace wired communications, says John D. Zeglis, chairman and CEO at AT&T Wireless. In his keynote address to Comdex attendees on Nov. 18, 2003, the wireless exec who dwells "in the dwindling world of the wired" offered up a report card for his industry's recent performance, as well has his predictions for what's next in the world of the wireless.
  • New FedEx Institute Is Looking For VARs
    When it comes to technology research hotbeds, Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Stanford are among the first to come to mind. But after five years of planning, FedEx is looking to add a new institution to the mix: the University of Memphis.
  • HP Still Building Direct Efforts
    Hewlett-Packard isn't done building out its direct capabilities, according to executives who spoke on the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company's quarterly earnings call.
  • The Wildest Ride In Las Vegas
    Though they are out of the public eye, many of the IT industry's top CEO are in Las Vegas this week, working the periphery of the annual Comdex trade show.