CRN Channel News

  • Symantec's Reach
    When a channel program is firing on all cylinders, it is a beautiful thing to behold. Nowhere is that more evident than with Symantec.
  • IBM Software to detail solution at Lotusphere

    Lotus On-Demand Workplace In View
    IBM plans to use its annual Lotusphere gathering this week to showcase a new "mega server" featuring its J2EE-based application server, portal server, and content management and collaboration capabilities.
  • High-Skilled Jobs Should Stay In U.S.
    Job losses due to offshoring have become a hot-button issue in political and technology circles, with some in Congress backing measures to restrict companies from moving jobs overseas.
  • Frontier Systems MEGA PC
    For customers who require a PC with good looks and robust capability in a small footprint, the MEGA PC is an excellent solution. The PC is based on an MSI Mega Small Form Factor PC Mainboard and system design.
  • Services With A Smile
    Every now and again something comes along that you just have to applaud. In this rare case, it's the effort that the channel chiefs at IBM have put together to make sure the channel is finally connected to IBM Global Services.
  • IGS Friend Or Foe?
    IBM Global Services, once considered the channel bogeyman, is coming to market with a kinder and gentler face as it steps up its bid to forge alliances with partners of all stripes.
  • ShadowRAM: January 26, 2004
    The Associated Press wrote a story over the long Martin Luther King holiday weekend about IBM adding 15,000 jobs, and yours truly sensed something amiss. Sure enough, that Monday, The Wall Street Journal broke a story about IBM's plans to "offshore" more jobs (meaning layoffs here) but not exactly come clean about it.
  • Tyan Unleashes New Tiger Motherboard
    Fremont, Calf.-based Tyan Computer recently unveiled the Tiger i7501R (S2735), a highly integrated, dual Intel Xeon processor motherboard designed for pedestal, midrange 1U and 2U and rackmount server applications.
  • Two New Sub-$1,000 Color Printers For SMB Market
    Laser printer prices have dropped dramatically over the past few years, with several color lasers now selling for less than $1,000. The CRN Test Center looked at two color printers priced in the $1,000 range that still offer high quality.
  • i2 Telecom's InternetTalker Gateway Offers Cost-Effective But Limited VoIP
    The recent market explosion in voice-over IP services and products has brought the technology to the forefront of businesses both large and small. But with VoIP still far from being the plug-and-play solution desired by smaller businesses, solution providers have become key players in selecting and deploying the technology. What's more, many of the products on the market are evolving into niche solutions, forcing SMB adopters to rely more than ever on solution providers.
  • Sybase 'Orchestrates' New Business Processes
    Sybase is paying more attention to the channel lately and is combining its application development and mobility offerings. The Sybase Integration Orchestrator server is a key part of that.
  • New regulation aims to level playing field for government contracts

    Small Guys Win Big
    In a move that some describe as a victory for the little guys, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) this week will enact a new regulation that paves the way for smaller solution providers to compete with larger organizations for government contracts.
  • Retools program, lowers bar for qualification

    Samsung Revs Up Power Partner
    Samsung Electronics is reorganizing its Power Partner channel program and will cut in half the threshold for solution providers to qualify for monthly financial incentives, a company executive said.