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  • Vonage Provides Examples Of VoIP Opportunities
    The service from Vonage, a startup VoIP consumer company, has a lot for VARs to think about as they gain experience with the technology both as users and as resellers. I have been using it for my home phone service for several months now, and while it isn't flawless, it does demonstrate to VARs this brave new world of VoIP technology.
  • Vendors Hope New Programs Fly
    During the economic downturn, scores of manufacturers and ISVs rushed to embrace the channel, some for the first time, others as a return to revive their sagging sales.
  • Offshore Politics Hit Home
    If you think politicians are all over the airwaves, check out IT business conferences--that's right, wonkish IT events, such as the National Retail Federation conference, where Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) was a guest speaker. Her topic? Jobs.
  • Slick Clicks To Online Programs
    VARBusiness wondered what solution providers experience when they try to apply for vendors' partner programs. So we dispatched one reporter--yours truly--to apply to the programs of five top vendors--EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. What I found is that joining partner programs online isn't exactly a smooth process.
  • HP: Sell More, Sell Often
    When HP partners gather in Los Angeles next week for the HP Americas Partner Conference, they are going to get an earful about services. The company wants its partners to sell more services--ranging from service contracts to high-end consulting and systems-integration engagements.
  • Distributor earns 67 cents per share, compared to estimates of 54 cents

    Tech Data Beats 4Q Expectations
    Tech Data Chairman and CEO Steve Raymund isn't even sure if his company ever beat Wall Street estimates by as much as it did in the fourth quarter ended Jan. 31.
  • HP Rolls Out Three New PC Lines
    Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday introduced a new line of business desktop PCs touted as easier for corporate customers to pick and choose the models they need.
  • Hitachi Unveils 400-Gbyte Drive For Nearline Storage, DVRs
    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies on Wednesday announced a massive 400-Gbyte 3.5-inch ATA hard drive that it's pitching primarily to makers of digital video recorders (DVRs), but also to corporations as a "nearline" storage platform.
  • Blade Servers Gain Traction At The Network's Edge
    This is the week of the blade server as a barrage of announcements unveiled all sorts of blade servers ranging from stand-alone machines and dual-processor models to massive clustered configurations.
  • 'Mid Afternoon With AMD' guests complimentary to technology

    AMD Touts Advantages Of 64-Bit High-Performance Computing
    Solution Provider XChange attendees yesterday were treated to a talk show called "Mid Afternoon With AMD." And while it wasn't quite the drama of Oprah Winfrey or the humor of David Letterman, the crowd did get an education about the new opportunities for 64-bit computing and the differences between AMD and Intel's approach for these advanced CPUs.
  • A Who’s Who of the women and men minding the channels

    The Top 100 Execs: Acer-Liebert
    What does it take to run the partner programs at many of the industry's largest IT companies? Typically, a pedigree that includes a background in sales, marketing or channel know-how. A steadfast focus on obtainable goals, set year by year, combined with a realistic picture of the obstacles that could crop up along the way. Oh, and did we mention a healthy dose of java (we're talking Starbucks), chocolate ice cream and playing ball with the kids? Meet the executives who are keeping their companies' channel presence stronger than ever.
  • A look at who is and who isn’t compensated on your behalf

    The Money Crunch
    Could any IT manufacturer have a tougher path to follow than Symbol Technologies, the beleaguered Holtsville, N.Y.-based maker of bar-code scanners and wireless communication devices? In the past two years, its former vice president of sales has been convicted of fraud, its CEO has resigned after being associated with a fiscal imbroglio, and its financial statements have been targeted for review by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Not exactly what you'd want from a hardware partner, right? Maybe, maybe not.
  • 10 Program Initiatives That VARs Say They Love

    Best In Class
    Recognition/Reward: SamsungBecause margins are always under pressure, you have to love it when a vendor offers some relief. "Samsung is the only manufacturer that offers lucrative rewards programs that allow companies like ours to be profitable selling their products," says Lee Vaccaro, founder and chief executive of integrator BCD2000.
  • Three of the biggest channel honchos tell us like it is

    Wired For Power
    The best way to understand where partnering is heading this year is to hear about it directly from the source. Make that "sources." For this year's annual Partner Programs Guide, we invited three of the biggest channel honchos--IBM's Mike Borman, CA's George Kafkarkou and Sun's Gary Grimes--for a roundtable in January at New York City's famed 21 Club. We held the sit-down luncheon in the restaurant's wine cellar, where the trio of channel vets had a lot of good things to say about each other, all doused with respect and humor. You could literally see the chemistry come alive.
  • Vendors’ tough rules lead to untapped funds

    The MDF Dilemma
    Imagine buying a lottery ticket and never checking to see whether you got the numbers right. Well, that's not far off from what VARs are doing where market development funds (MDFs) are concerned--paying partner program dues but not reaping the benefits.
  • When to add--or ditch a vendor partnership

    Rethinking Relationships
    John F. Kennedy once said that change is the law of life. That certainly seems true for the channel community, where vendors are frequently revamping their partner networks. Many, of course, create tiered, performance-based architectures that elevate higher-producing partners, while weeding out--if not eventually eliminating--underachievers. The generally accepted result is that the best partners get rewarded with the most perks, be they volume discounts or sales leads.
  • VARBusiness’ annual guide to influential alliances

    High-Powered Programs
    Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger is credited for saying, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." Perhaps, but real strength lies in numbers. This special edition of VARBusiness, our annual Partner Programs Guide, celebrates the power that comes from having strong alliances. In all, we showcase the best in vendor partner programs from 85 different product manufacturers, ISVs and service companies.