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  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: Bill Botti, Alternative Technology
    Alternative Technology is most often associated with its top vendor, Citrix Systems, but the Denver-based specialty distributor has other programs brewing in the networking and security arenas. President and COO Bill Botti, a former networking VAR who joined Alternative two years ago, recently met with CRN Editor in Chief Michael Vizard and CRN Editor Heather Clancy TO discuss how Alternative is building affinity with its most loyal customers and how it is pushing the envelope when it comes to the role of distribution.
  • PowerPack program provides tools for specific roles in development life cycle

    IBM Aims To Em-'Power' Developers
    IBM on Wednesday launched an initiative designed to give developers a head start in building applications.
  • Lauds upcoming Grantsdale, Alderwood in digital convergence speech

    Intel Exec: Next Chipsets Are Biggest Leap In 10 Years
    Intel's next generation of chipsets will mark a milestone in performance and digital convergence, combining several critical technologies to boost audio, video and image performance, a top executive of the chipmaker claimed.
  • VAR500: Job Creation Back On Track
    It looks like job creation is back on track at VARBusiness 500 companies, the top solution providers in North America, according to our most recent survey results. According to our exclusive fourth-quarter results, two-thirds (66.3 percent) of the executives surveyed by our third-party research partner, Boston-based Bernett Research Services, anticipate that they will add employees during the first quarter of 2004.
  • Intel To Ship Xeons With 64-Bit Extensions In 2Q
    Intel and Microsoft will provide support for 64-bit extensions in Intel's 32-bit Xeon processors as early as next quarter, Intel's CEO Craig Barrett said Tuesday in a keynote at his company's developer forum.
  • Speed systems while avoiding costly upgrades

    Upgrade PC Memory In 10 Steps
    Upgrading a RAM chip is just about the best action you can take to enhance the performance of your customers' PCs. Today's PCs can accept up to 16 GB of RAM, and even the older machines can take up to 1 GB. That was not very useful information back in the Stone Age of, say, 1997, because back then, a RAM installation of any substance cost at least $200. But today you can get some incredible deals.
  • Coming out of the recession means relief and new challenges

    2004 In the IT Channel: Rewriting the Rules All Over Again
    After a couple of very tough years when many customer doors were shut to new technology initiatives, 2004 dawns with some rays of opportunity. But this year will not be a walk in the clover by any means, as the IT business itself has changed during the recession. That means scrapping business-as-usual plans and taking a hard look at basic business-drivers, such as customer retention.
  • How six tenacious solution providers improved in 2003

    The Secret To My Success
    It was during the past year that Alex Solomon realized he and his co-president and brother, Edward, just couldn't do it all by themselves anymore. Their 6-year-old company, Net@Work, was growing, with two divisions and a spin-off generating $7 million in sales. It was time for some reinforcements.
  • Early adopters put solution providers to work for them

    Get Ready For RFID
    Walk the aisles of the Metro Group's Future Store, and you'll soon realize that grocery shopping will never be the same. Price tags consist of small electronic displays on a shelf that can be updated in real time. When you weigh a bunch of tomatoes, an intelligent scale automatically prices them. And your shopping cart has a computer that can help find products and track what's going into, and out of, the cart.
  • BEA Systems revamps, retools

    A Faster, Stronger, More Powerful WebLogic
    BEA's latest take on WebLogic--its Web application-development environment--is filled with new features that make developing applications easier and more rewarding. Our reviewer, Kevin Carlson, thinks highly of the new 8.1 version.
  • The new version of this remote-access software saves time

    Hang On To Your Seat With Symantec&rsquo;s pcAnywhere 11
    Mobile computing can be a liberating experience. But you can't have your freedom if your work is tethered to grounded information assets--unless you're using Symantec's latest version of pcAnywhere, an invaluable time, travel and human-resource saver.
  • Cingular CEO: AT&T Worth $41B Price Tag
    Stan Sigman, president and CEO of Cingular Wireless, said Cingular's acquisition of AT&T Wireless is worth the $41 billion price tag and makes more business sense than offers from competitors such as Vodafone.
  • Oak Grove Takes Channel Program International
    Building on its success in offering its Reactor 5 business process management product to North American solution providers, Oak Grove Systems is now offering its product to resellers worldwide.