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  • Company plans to build new BPM, ESB projects, partner investments

    A New Path For BEA
    In an effort to stave off competition from chief rival IBM, BEA Systems plans to unveil a new technology direction, a new business-process management (BPM) edition of its application server and a new project aimed at building an enterprise service bus (ESB) at its eWorld show this week.
  • Can They Deliver?
    The big bet that Computer Associates International is making in Las Vegas this week at its annual CA World conference is on the channel.
  • SANmelody enables server capacity expansion in a hurry

    Tackling Server Capacity
    Businesses faced with shrinking server-disk capacity have few options. Companies often add application servers to their infrastructure as a temporary fix to their storage problems, but reconfiguring and reinstalling servers and transferring data between them is a time-consuming, expensive task. This solution also ignores the real problem--these underutilized servers are able to run applications, but server horsepower usually goes underutilized.
  • CSI: Channel
    As the economy continues to improve, it's more important than ever for solution providers to get more aggressive about computer forensics.
  • ShadowRAM: May 24, 2004
    Dave Thompson, vice president of Microsoft's Exchange Group, had his gang put out a call for the "Top 10 Questions IT Pros Have About Exchange" on its group blog. There were some interesting responses, even if many of them were statements, not questions. Like this one:
  • Low-Cost Tablet PC Hits White-Box Market
    Custom-system solution providers looking for a Tablet PC now have a strong option, as display vendor Advueu Technology recently began targeting the space with its low-cost V800XPT Tablet PC. However, system builders predict the offering will face heavy resistance from name-brand systems.
  • IBM Aims New iSeries Servers At SMBs
    IBM has enhanced its iSeries server line to make it more competitive in the SMB space with the addition of two new models with lower price points and increased capabilities.
  • Holds up security enhancements as key selling factor

    AMD Woos System Builders
    Advanced Micro Devices wants to be seen as a leader, not a follower.
  • Small Hard Drives Will Be Big In Many Markets
    The 2.5-inch hard-disk form factor traditionally has been used for notebooks and other mobile devices, but that's about to change as smaller drives are needed to reach higher storage densities, lower costs, increase performance and increase the number of storage applications.
  • HP Server Bundle Offers SMB Value, Room To Grow
    Many small to midsize businesses rely on inexpensive, base-model server appliances for their business needs. However, upgrading the appliances or expanding their functionality can be difficult, so they are often not the best option for growing companies.
  • Enterprise-Class Benchmarks
    The Transaction Processing Council runs a Web site that's a fantastic resource to help solution providers select and sell enterprise servers. The council produces benchmarks, enforces testing guidelines, audits the testing and publishes the test results for high-end systems on its site. Each test normally would cost tens of thousands of dollars and take hundreds of man hours to run, so practically speaking, the TPC is about the only resource of its kind.
  • D&H executives evangelize digital convergence products in ‘Olympic’ session Thur

    Carrying The Convergence Torch
    Logistical prowess. Exacting service. A diverse product assortment and top-notch people. That's what D&H Distributing, a privately held Harrisburg, Pa., distributor says distinguishes it from its rivals. That
  • Embedded Systems Open New Solutions Frontier
    The frontier of embedded systems technology may be around the corner. All that systems integrators must do is use their imaginations to create service-rich opportunities that can drive high-margin incremental business.