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  • Musical Chairs At Lotus -- Again
    IBM's Lotus division has lost another channel chief. Frances West, the longtime IBM veteran who has been director of channels at Lotus for just under 18 months, assumed a new position in IBM Research within the past few weeks, leaving a vacancy in the partner post.
  • Cisco Ramps Up Wireless Offerings
    Making the case that Wi-Fi is finally ready for widespread enterprise deployment, Cisco outlined its vision for wireless LANs with an event held to trumpet its latest offerings. The company staged a half-day session on Wednesday for analysts and media to discuss its latest product news and present a panel of Cisco wireless partners and customers.
  • Palmisano Chats Up On-Demand Computing
    IBM Chairman, President and CEO Sam Palmisano held center stage Wednesday extolling the joys of on-demand computing. The occasion was the IBM Leadership Forum, held approximately one year after IBM first introduced the on-demand concept.
  • Accenture Set To Ride the “Next Wave” of Productivity
    The technology industry is about to ride the next wave of innovation and productivity, according to an optimistic Joe Forehand, chairman and CEO of Accenture, which is projecting revenue growth of up to 10 percent for its current fiscal year. The chief exec assembled his West Wing of execs on Nov. 11 in New York to brief the press in a state-of-the-company address that touched on many topics, including outsourcing, the company's burgeoning government business, and its financial expectations for the next year.
  • Capitol Gains For Tech Data
    It's hard to imagine a more appropriate location for Tech Data's TechSelect Fall Partner Conference than Washington, D.C., since much of the distributor's message revolved around unlocking the government market.
  • Looks for solution providers in seven states

    CDW Expands Government Partner Program
    CDW's government division (CDW-G) wants more solution provider partners for its Small Business Consortium program.
  • Portability, natural language functions for utility model under development

    Research Execs See Steady Focus On Utility, On-Demand Computing
    More vendors are investing in R&D to leverage future technologies that increasingly rely on on-demand infrastructures and utility computing, several top industry researchers said at the Gartner TechInvestor Summit in New York this week.
  • Gateway Chases Consumer-Electronics Sales
    In the last year alone, Gateway has become a serious player in flat-panel TVs and entered hot categories like digital cameras, camcorders and music players. Its stores got a $20 million facelift that relegated PCs to the back to make room for the new gizmos.
  • Accenture: Environment Primed For IT Comeback
    Accenture executives believe that an overwhelming need to "industrialize" certain business processes and provide better access to information in realtime will be among the factors driving its anticipated revenue growth of 5 percent to 10 percent in its current fiscal year.
  • CompuCom CEO Sees Steady Services Growth
    CompuCom will find it a long shot to reach the $1 billion mark in annual service revenue, but the sector remains the solution provider's most profitable source of income, said Ed Coleman, CEO of the national reseller and service company.
  • Tenrox Upgrades Software For IT Governance
    Tenrox on Monday released the latest version of its software for tracking and managing all aspects of an IT organization's activities. The software, which helps oversee employee-related processes such as expenses, billing, charge-backs, procurement and time spent on projects, works with customers' financial applications and Microsoft Project Server.
  • Microsoft To Address Critics At Hearing
    Microsoft Corp. is going to launch a last-ditch effort Wednesday to avoid harsh penalties in Europe for alleged monopolistic behavior that could force it to change the way it sells its ubiquitous Windows software.
  • To keep focus on mobile, wireless growth

    Sybase To Roll Out Realtime Database
    Continuing to position itself as the unwired database company, Sybase will release a "realtime database" later this year and continue to invest in becoming the key brand in mobile middleware, a company executive said.
  • Spending will still happen, but be focused

    Top CIOs: Don't Expect Bigger Budgets
    The CIOs of Johnson & Johnson and Time Warner Music said they don't predict a significant uptick in IT spending in the near term and described technology investments as continuing to be surgical for the foreseeable future.