CA Resets Channel Base With New Partner Focus, Support

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Bob Schwartz, managing principal at Digital Celerity, a San Francisco-based systems integrator and software solution provider specializing in CA's services and portfolio management offerings, said he has watched CA grow into a company that has a real focus on product development and the channel.

For partners such as Digital Celerity, who commit to CA with detailed plans for demand generation and other sales activities around the vendor's offerings, the support from CA is amazing, Schwartz said.

"If you look at the commitment they make to Digital Celerity and other partners, they have the right to demand we commit to working with them to build solutions around CA, and to invest in sales, marketing and demand generation," he said.

With CA focused on working direct with its named accounts, that leaves a lot of business in the $100 million to $2 billion companies where CA may or may not already have a footprint, Schwartz said.

"CA wants us to invest in bringing new opportunities to them," he said. "The channel has a lot of value in such companies because we have a lot of feet in the market."

The majority of CA's top partners only have one particular focus, Famularo said.

"A lot of partners sell multiple products, but only a couple actually specialize in more than one of those five areas," he said.

Not included in CA's new channel focus is its storage business. "Storage is a separate business unit and is exclusive to the channel only," Famularo said. "We took care of storage five years ago. There are no named accounts for us. Now it's time for us to move on the other areas of the business."

For CA, the changes are all about a new focus on the channel, Famularo said. "We're focusing partners by product, focusing sales reps by product, and focusing our go-to-market in the growth spaces," he said.


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