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  • Handsets, emerging geographies and telco infrastructure among areas of growth

    Intel's Barrett Looks To Nontraditional Markets
    Intel CEO Craig Barrett said the company will aggressively target opportunities outside of its traditional revenue stream in PCs during 2004.
  • A Look At Comdex
    There are still long taxi lines at Comdex. But nowadays, it's the cabs that are waiting for action, not attendees. Yes, it's the new Comdex. Smaller, easier to navigate and, unfortunately, not nearly as relevant.
  • Good. Because AT&T Wireless CEO predicts wireless is here to stay.

    Can You Hear Him Now?
    While the wireless industry boasted perhaps a tad too much a few years ago about the changes it would bring to the communications market, it is, nonetheless, a "killer product" that will totally replace wired communications, says John D. Zeglis, chairman and CEO at AT&T Wireless. In his keynote address to Comdex attendees on Nov. 18, 2003, the wireless exec who dwells "in the dwindling world of the wired" offered up a report card for his industry's recent performance, as well has his predictions for what's next in the world of the wireless.
  • New FedEx Institute Is Looking For VARs
    When it comes to technology research hotbeds, Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Stanford are among the first to come to mind. But after five years of planning, FedEx is looking to add a new institution to the mix: the University of Memphis.
  • HP Still Building Direct Efforts
    Hewlett-Packard isn't done building out its direct capabilities, according to executives who spoke on the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company's quarterly earnings call.
  • The Wildest Ride In Las Vegas
    Though they are out of the public eye, many of the IT industry's top CEO are in Las Vegas this week, working the periphery of the annual Comdex trade show.
  • Says rival puts dad technology into Centrino bundles

    AMD Exec Blasts Intel Wireless Technology
    An executive of chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices took a shot at rival Intel's Centrino technology, calling the wireless component of Intel's offering "garbage" and suggesting the company misleads the market.
  • Zeglis Urges More Collaboration In Delivery Of Wireless Services

    AT&T Wireless' EDGE Promises Faster Service
    John Zeglis, chairman and chief executive officer of AT&T Wireless, introduced Tuesday enhanced data speeds for its Next Generation wireless network, dubbed EDGE, during a keynote address to Comdex attendees in Las Vegas.
  • Apple Bulks Up iMac, Power Mac G5 Desktops
    Apple on Tuesday rolled out an iMac G4 all-in-one desktop with a 20-inch LCD screen and retooled its Power Mac G5 high-end desktop line by adding a dual-processor 1.8GHz model.
  • 20-, 21-inch LCDs, integration solutions available next month

    NEC-Mitsubishi to Ship New Displays, Video/Graphics Solutions
    Display maker NEC-Mitsubishi unveiled two, new LCD displays, along with new video display configuration solutions, in an effort to provide more alternatives in the higher-end video and graphics display space.
  • Siebel Mulls Channel Relationships For Midmarket Push
    Anyone keeping track of Tom Siebel's speeches over the past few months would have heard little that's new in his Tuesday keynote address at Comdex. But the Chairman and CEO of Siebel Systems did offer up tantalizing tidbits during his address -- tidbits that typically indicate the company's strategy and direction in the year ahead.
  • IT Execs Focus On Providing Value
    IT budgets remain under pressure, but the focus is slowly shifting from cost-cutting to an emphasis on providing value to the business operations IT serves, said IT executives on a panel at the AMR Research Fall Executive Conference in Boston. Commenting on a range of topics, the four IT managers said they're adopting outsourcing as an IT strategy and appear united in having a love-hate relationship with their major IT vendors.
  • Comdex Keynotes the Same Old, Same Old
    Even in its most scintillating form, a PowerPoint presentation is rarely more compelling than an old M*A*S*H rerun: There might be one or two entertaining things in there, but by and large we've seen it so many times we could damn near recite it from memory.
  • Government Cancels PC Connection’s GSA Contract
    The federal government dealt a serious blow to PC Connection last week when the General Services Administration (GSA) took the rare action of canceling the solution provider's contract because of incorrect procedures.
  • Comdex Meets The Matrix
    In his keynote address at Comdex, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates focused on a number of key passions that currently are informing the Redmond universe, including Longhorn -- its well-known code name for the next generation of Windows, how to improve security for its customers, and its decision to make "big bets on software connections."