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  • Yahoo Boosts Mail Storage To Answer Google
    Yahoo said Thursday that it will boost the storage allowance for its e-mail service this summer to compete with the announced, but not-yet-final, Gmail from rival Google.
  • Political Fallout and Offshoring
    Around the time of the last presidential election, the IT industry was exerting its formidable force with government officials, and the political issue was jobs and foreign employees.
  • Keane’s Journey To Offshore Development
    Brian Keane has A spacious office overlooking downtown Boston and the picturesque Charles River. On sunny days, he can see for miles. Yet, when the president and CEO of Keane Inc., an $800 million software solution provider, wanted to win business with a local bank, he convinced the bank's officials to travel 5,000 miles to his company's facilities in India.
  • Offshoring: Learn To Love It
    As the old saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Squeezed by a growth of software-development firms in India and other parts of the world, prospects looked bleak for Perficient, a software service provider in Austin, Texas. With business steadily on the decline, it appeared there was no relief in sight. But last summer, CEO Jack McDonald had an epiphany: Offshore outsourcing is here to stay and is increasingly becoming a component of every customer's IT strategy. So Perficient joined the fray by developing its own offshore delivery model.
  • Google’s Carnivore Service
    When several news agencies and rumor sites reported last month that ultrahot Google was infringing on people's privacy rights with a controversial feature for the search-engine company's new e-mail service, most assumed it was an April Fools' joke.
  • IBM Unifies PartnerWorld
    IBM has introduced a sleek, new PartnerWorld program designed to simplify partners' interactions with Big Blue while allowing the company to extract more readily its offerings and benefits.
  • Another IPO For Distribution?
    If timing is everything, then things couldn't be going much better for Westcon Group. The networking distributor filed for a $115 million initial public offering recently as fortunes--and stocks--continue to rise in the distribution market, and the company looks to be the second major IT distributor to turn public since Synnex made the jump last November. The company, based in Tarrytown, N.Y., also has experienced healthy sales growth with its focus on digital convergence.
  • TechWatch: LiveRepair, SecuritySpace, PCPitstop
    Welcome to the outsourced-services edition of TechWatch. Be forewarned: Only Windows users need apply to these A++services. Continue to send your picks and pans to me at
  • How to limit noise from your white-box systems

    Give Your White Boxes The Silent Treatment
    If you're like many systems builders, you have a problem: Your white-box PCs are commodities. They look and perform just like everybody else's in that price range. Sure, you might be using a Celeron processor instead of the AMD your competitor is using. And you are probably using some other minitower.
  • Quiet Boxes: DIY Options
    If you're building large numbers of quiet boxes for customers, consider looking for your own component combinations. They will offer similar or better acoustic noise specs for less money. The following are five things to experiment with:
  • New features mean higher quality

    Picture This: Epson’s Latest Photo Printer
    Most VARs I talk to don't consider printers, especially photo printers, to be a profitable option. They ask what value they might add, and they wonder about the quantities they might sell to a single customer. However, photo printers and supporting imaging software can be a significant source of revenue.
  • Doug Elix Grants a Rare Interview With VARBusiness

    IBM Executive Shuffle Lands Its Ace To Head Sales
    IBM's latest executive shuffle should not be dismissed just as some kind of corporate game of musical chairs intended to round out promising managers who could one day run the entire organization. Rather, the internal moves and
  • Another Portal Remedy
    When Boca Raton Community Hospital decided to roll out a physician portal back in 2002, it was faced with a decision similar to Ball Memorial Hospital's: build vs. buy. An out-of-the-box solution was the choice, given its ease of installation. CIO Robin Hildwein went with McKesson's Horizon Physician Portal, which plugs into McKesson's clinical-information systems and other back-end systems.
  • Solution providers sound off on making relationships work

    Profitable Partnerships
    VARs are from Mars. Vendors are from Venus.
  • Understanding what your customers value is the key to how to approach them

    What Do 'TechnoValues' Have To Do With How You Sell To Your Customers?
    How well do you know your customers? Chances are you know a good deal about their businesses and maybe a few things about their personal lives. But do you know what motivates them, or what factors influence their decisions? For instance, are they more likely to place a high importance on ambition and wealth? Or are they more likely to value creativity and innovation?
  • Web Services Consulting Market Heats Up
    More than a half-dozen large consulting firms expect to double or triple their revenue this year from services related to helping clients deploy Web services standards within their IT systems, a market research firm reported Thursday.
  • Sony Seeks Life For Vaio Beyond PC
    Unveiling Sony's new computer product lineup here this week, Keiji Kimura, president of Sony's IT and Mobile Solutions Network Co., defined a new strategy for Sony's computer business as "Vaio beyond PC."