Enterprise Opportunities

  • Newbury Is All About Location
    Newbury Networks today announced an enterprise asset-tracking solution and a software development platform for emerging types of applications that incorporate location-based data from wireless networks.
  • McAfee Releases Flawed Patch
    McAfee released a virus signature update in mid-March for its consumer and enterprise security products that mistakenly flagged files—from Microsoft Excel, Adobe Update Manager and several other Windows applications—as untrusted or infected files.
  • Lenovo's Plan: Divide and Conquer
    Solution provider Bruce Geier of Technology Integration Group says Lenovo's newley drawn up battle plan is a sound one. Classify ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCenter desktops as high-end systems for larger clients and the new i3000 product line as lower-priced models for SMBs, and then count on the channel to drive sales.
  • Are You Nervous Yet?
    If so, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s because the best-crafted strategies not just to survive but to thrive usually come in times of intense stress. That’s when we often think most creatively, allowing ourselves to believe in nonsense, as aviation entrepreneur Burt Rutan so aptly put it during his keynote speech at last week’s IBM PartnerWorld.
  • IBM Unit Sees Boom In Sales To Midmarket Sales
    The plan by IBM Global Services’ Business Consulting Services to partner more closely with solution providers helped the IBM unit significantly boost its midmarket sales last year, said Murray Mitchell, IBM’s BCS partner and global leader for SMB.
  • IBM Says Its Partner Initiatives Paying Off
    IBM Global Services’ plan to partner more closely with business partners in the SMB market is drawing mixed reviews, but IGS says its partner initiatives are starting to pay off.
  • ANALYSIS: Is Google-Eyed Admiration Still Warranted?
    The search juggernaut wins the lion's share of channel executives' admiration for being a disruptive force. Slumping stock prices aside, Google remains the darling of the business and IT communities. Everywhere you look, the little search engine that could stands out as the beacon of the post-dot-com era.
  • Cisco Systems To Channel Partners: Make Your Choice
    At the Cisco Partner Summit this week, the networking vendor will launch the next evolution of its Channel Partner Program, pushing solution providers to decide which path they want to take. Will it be a business model carrying a broad range of technology expertise or one that takes a deeper dive into select technology specializations?
  • Microsoft's Fibre Alternative
    Microsoft’s acquisition of iSCSI target software technology from Montgomery Village, Md.-based String Bean Software could result in greater visibility for iSCSI as an alternative to Fibre Channel for building SANs, according to the channel.
  • Dell To Delve Into Print Managed Services
    Dell is poised to enter the print managed services space with a "cradle-to-grave" offering designed to extend the company's sales reach inside the enterprise, Joseph Marengi, senior vice president of Dell Americas, said at the Morgan Stanley Semiconductors and Systems Conference.
  • Microsoft To Shift ERP Pricing
    In a huge shift, Microsoft is moving to per-user pricing for ERP. The goal of the planned transition from per-module pricing is to put its wares on a comparable footing with SAP and Oracle offerings, sources said.
  • Vista, Office 2007 Plan Will Drive More Annuity Deals
    Microsoft’s extensive product lineup and licensing plan for Windows Vista and Office 2007 ultimately will drive more annuity-based Enterprise Agreements and Software Assurance deals, solution providers said.
  • Licensing Matters
    What is crystal clear from our news package this week on Microsoft’s licensing moves is that it’s going to get more complex for partners trying to decide what is best for their clients.