CRN Channel News

  • Whidbey, Longhorn Code
    Microsoft's next versions of Visual Studio, SQL Server and Windows will expand application development and Web services design possibilities for the channel.
  • This Week's ShadowRAM
    Last week's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles was caught in a literal ring of fire. Reporters were surrounded on three sides by the increasingly deadly canyon fires that devoured thousands of homes and on the other by side Microsoft's relentless Longhorn/
  • Sun Clause Guards Value Add
    Sun Microsystems is planning to rein in those solution providers that sell Sun hardware with no value-add outside their geography.
  • Hawking Seamless Out Of The Box
    Hawking Technologies added another device to its stable of products geared to the digital home and small office with the HWR54G wireless-g router.
  • Cooperative Spirit
    Most vendors have partner advisory councils they use as sounding boards for new programs they are about to take out into the market. But many vendors go to these advisors only when they've already decided what to do and things are set in stone. Not so with Intel.
  • Worldwide PC Markets See Strong Growth
    According to the latest quarterly report from research firm IDC, the U.S. and worldwide PC markets showed strong growth last quarter,a trend that was confirmed by solution providers.
  • The Turnaround
    It's always nice when the data starts to confirm your gut feeling that market conditions are improving.
  • Whidbey Code Is Glimpse Of Future Model
    Microsoft is banking on its next Visual Studio release to steer developers into writing managed code in the .Net framework and help them become familiar with the programming model for its Longhorn operating system.
  • Samsung Adds Touch Of Color
    In a move to leverage its strength in the PC peripherals space throughout the commercial solution provider channel, Samsung is throwing its hat into the color-laser printer arena.
  • VARs will receive 2 percent fee per opportunity

    GE Access Details Equipment Buyback Plan
    There's no truth to rumors that GE Access is changing its name to GE More Access, but the distributor is giving solution providers more access to its services.
  • HP Procurve Unit Gives Partners Some Juice To Manage MDF
    ewlett-Packard's ProCurve Networking division is launching a series of programs in the next few weeks to increase market share and improve the overall performance of its small, midsize and large solution provider partners.
  • Wishes Come True
    e careful what you wish for, you just might get it. That's an old maxim that appears to be playing out for Hewlett-Packard as it continues to struggle with its overall go-to-market strategy.
  • Unique Form Factors Make For Hot New Desktops
    Desktop PCs are slowly changing into things of beauty instead of just function. And since all new systems are fast, performance numbers are becoming less important. But some new systems look especially cool,cool enough for people to want to upgrade based on appearance alone. Of course, good performance must accompany good looks.
  • ISVs Tout Programming Benefits Of Longhorn Windows
    Microsoft's plans to bundle more of its core plumbing and precooked code into the next version of Windows may be threatening to some hard-core programmers, but commercial ISVs and solution providers expect it will help them develop applications faster.
  • IBM Lotus Readies New Workspace Software
    IBM Lotus next week will unveil the next generation of its Workplace software, including a Web-based collaboration product dubbed Team Collaboration that combines elements of instant messaging (IM), online meeting software, and virtual workspaces.