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  • Some stick with HP, but IBM scores in recruiting rival's enterprise VARs

    Place Your Bets
    What happens to IBM's business when 200 Hewlett-Packard enterprise solution providers become IBM Business Partners?
  • Despite surge in business partner sales in 2003, channel conflict issues linger

    Still Work To Be Done
    IBM is getting its act together, but some channel conflicts still taint its partner strategy. Solution providers say IBM needs to do a better job policing field-sales people who still want to take business direct. "There are some people in the field-sales force that feel that the more business they get through us, the less value they are perceived to have to IBM and they fear for their jobs," said Jim Simpson, president of MSI Systems Integrators, an IBM Business Partner in Omaha, Neb.
  • Sitting down with Sam Palmisano

    Partners Make The Difference
    On the eve of PartnerWorld, IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano said solution providers are critical to IBM's on-demand strategy but stressed that both sides must invest to capture the opportunity it presents.
  • Desktop Management Suite Keeps Companies Honest
    Desktop management suites have matured phenomenally during the past few years, evolving beyond the traditional desktop and transforming into complete business solutions capable of holding entire organizations accountable for their actions. With increased scrutiny directed at corporate America, companies are constantly being audited and looked upon to provide proper business practices. Mature desktop management suites may provide this assistance.
  • Who Do You Trust?
    As a journalist, my stock in trade is trust: I trust you to answer my questions honestly, and you trust me to communicate your responses accurately. Things fall apart when either side fails to live up to this bargain.
  • Partners get cash for migrating SME accounts

    Verio Restarts Incentive Plan
    Verio last week reactivated an incentive plan designed to give certain partners in its viaVerio channel program cash incentives to streamline their accounts.
  • PartnerWorld Buzz: New IGS incentives, ISV programs tie into IBM's vision

    On-Demand Era
    IBM is stepping up its on-demand drumbeat at PartnerWorld this week with a host of announcements including a big boost in financial incentives to resell IBM Global Services managed hosting and a major new ISV initiative.
  • Logitech Premium Desktop Optical
    Sold in bulk exclusively through the channel, Logitech's Premium Desktop Optical is well suited for the security-minded enterprise. While the wireless mouse provides ergonomic freedom of motion, the wired keyboard prevents interception of passwords and other sensitive data that would be transmitted by a wireless alternative. It also prevents the less-likely keyboard spoofing to break into sensitive systems.
  • IBM's Channel Challenge
    When more than 3,000 IBM loyalists descend on Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for IBM's PartnerWorld, which began on Feb. 29, they'll have a lot of decisions to make. The issue resonating loudest in their heads will be IBM's claim that e-business on demand will rock their worlds and pay for their retirements. You read in our previous story that IBM chairman Sam Palmisano calls "on demand" nothing less than an "industry shift." Many partners will be wondering whether or not that's true.
  • IBM Faces Birth-Defect Lawsuit After Decisive Win In Cancer Case
    Bolstered by a decisive victory over two employees who claimed IBM's workplace toxins caused cancer, attorneys for Big Blue expressed confidence in their defense of the technology giant against upcoming legal attacks, including a $100 million birth-defect lawsuit.
  • Famous Dropout Drops In At Harvard
    When Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University in 1977, his computer science professors were none too pleased that he was using the university's computers for his own commercial gain.
  • Gates Is Still World's Richest
    Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates remains atop Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's richest people, and the founders of the Google search engine joined him on this year's list of billionaires.