CRN Channel News

  • TextML Gets Document Management Boost
    Once labeled as an XML database, Ixiasoft's TextML Server 3.0, scheduled to be released this month, now includes many document management features and serves more as an XML document server for document-oriented content than as a traditional transactional or relational database.
  • Server Prices Now More Start-Up-Friendly
    Server prices have dropped so dramatically in recent years that today even startups can afford powerful entry-level systems that can be expanded to provide years of service. The CRN Test Center took a look at two affordable new servers from Gateway and MPC.
  • Bold New HP Printers For SMBs
    Color laser printers, once used mostly by large companies, are now affordable for businesses of all sizes. That's good news for small firms and the solution providers that serve them, because laser-printed correspondence always looks much better than inkjet, and color is always better than monochrome.
  • HP Seeks Right Mix
    Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina said last week the company will continue to expand its direct capabilities.
  • Intel Commits $36 Million To Supercomputer R&D
    Intel announced during the Supercomputing 2003 conference here that it will spend $36 million over the next three years on R&D to fuel use of its Pentium and Itanium processors in high-performance systems.
  • Novell Q4 Sales Slip While Losses Mount
    Although investors have gone crazy for Novell in 2003, customers haven't. Nothing more clearly illustrates that than the results Novell reported Thursday for its fiscal fourth quarter ended Oct. 31.
  • Software Slump Hurts Novell
    Novell on Thursday posted quarterly earnings that showed a widening net loss, thanks in large part to software sales that were down 25% from last year.
  • Q&A: Microsoft’s Jeff Raikes On Office 2003
    True to fashion, Microsoft is spending big -- plunking a whopping $150 million into the marketing and development of the new Office System. The executive charged with seeing it all come together is Jeff Raikes, a longtime Microsoft official and group vice president of productivity and business services. He recently agreed to speak with VARBusiness senior writer Carolyn A. April about his goals for Office System and the opportunity he sees for partners.
  • Firm Developing Video That Doesn't Need A Monitor To Display
    A tiny start-up founded by Chad Dyner, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, is working on a device that projects a two-dimensional video image into thin air. The picture simply floats in front of the viewer, and doesn't require special lenses to see.