SMB/Midmarket Opportunities

  • Who Pays For Lost Data?
    If successful, a lawsuit against Best Buy's Geek Squad could set dangerous precedents for the technology industry.
  • Separating the talk from the truth with three technologies that are on every system builder's radar

    Three Technologies On Every System Builder's Radar
    System builders have a lot to look forward to in 2008—with advances in graphics, storage and data center technology quickly coming down the pike. But is it for real, or just hype? We take a look at those three areas and offer some insight.
  • Alernative Vendors: Notebooks, Laptops
    When it comes to deciding on a notebook vendor, variety is the spice of life. While market leaders Dell and HP offer choices, sometimes customers come in looking for things the big guys don't provide.
  • Alternative Vendors: UPS
    Stan Lichenstein, president of Global Technologies, a Melville, N.Y., solution provider and longtime Liebert Corp. partner, says he takes an "old school" approach to his choice of UPS vendor.
  • VARs focused on this segment could be the industry's salvation

    Midmarket: The Holy Grail
    During a recession, VARs that serve the midmarket could prove to be the IT industry's salvation. Heavyweight vendors worried about their bottom lines in an uncertain climate have read the SMB tea leaves—and know they need the channel to make it work.
  • MSP Infrastructure Gets Flexible
    MSPs are seeing that they can't promote infrastructure as a service differentiator because customers are not satisfied today with an enterprise license agreement like they were a decade ago.
  • Five rivals go head-to-head for small-business IP telephony crown

    Bake-Off: Small Business VoIP Contenders
    The increasing availability of VoIP products specifically targeting small businesses means it's easier than ever for solution providers to design a solution that fits customers' needs. Our Test Center pits five rivals head-to-head for the small-business IP telephony crown.
  • Look who's scoring a knockout with a one-two punch of innovation and improved customer ROI

    Attack Of The Alternatives
    Customers of all stripes are looking for improved ROI and are more willing to place a bet on innovative technology that delivers more bang for the buck.
  • Server virtualization sparks demand for iSCSI-based storage in small business

    Score One For The Little Guy
    Dell Inc.'s acquisition last month of Nashua, N.H.-based EqualLogic Inc. shined a bright spotlight on the growing importance of iSCSI-based storage, especially in the small-business market that is heavily targeted by Dell, Round Rock, Texas.
  • Apple's Retail Myth
    Apple CEO Steve Jobs loves the Apple retail stores. That's because Jobs can control every last bit of the Apple experience from the lighting to the ever-so-clever Apple Genius Bar where the company boasts that "our geniuses will answer all your technical questions, troubleshoot problems and explain it all in language that's easy to understand."
  • Lotus Gets Back To Its Roots
    Targeting Microsoft, Lotus execs add more incentives for channel partners selling to long-neglected SMB markets.
  • Five Steps To Fix HP's Channel Woes
    HP's most loyal solution providers say these steps could go a long way in fixing rebate problems and other issues impacting their profitability.
  • Preparing for Security Threats: Can You Back Your Clients Up?
    Protecting your SMB client's critical data and systems from security threats, natural disasters, basic human and other uncontrollable variables is essential. Learn how to ensure efficient and timely data and system recovery so your clients business remains up and running after a devastating event.