SMB/Midmarket Opportunities

  • Ensure Your SMB Customer's Data Efficiently and Profitably
    Your SMB business customers rarely think about their datauntil there's a problem. They need to manage their business and you need to ensure their data and protect it from harm. Learn how to take your clients away from big data risks and move them onto the road to responsibility.
  • Boosting Managed Services Sales to SMBs
    Solution Providers understand the benefits of the MSP model but selling the concept to SMB customers is often an uphill battle. With a rocky economic outlook forcing customers to demand a quick ROI, now is the time to push managed services to SMB clients.
  • Vista Assurances?
    Microsoft last week did what a lot of partners were hoping it would do: go on the attack against those clever but shameless Mac ads that lampoon Vista.
  • No Margin = Good?
    The software business is beginning to sound a lot like the hardware business.
  • 13 Emerging SMB Software Vendors
    For a different take on SMB software, solution providers should check out these up-and-coming SMB software vendors from CRN's 2008 Emerging Vendors list.
  • Mac Attacks Back: 9 Hot Security Products
    While once Mac users could enjoy a relatively secure, virus-free existence, changing times have forced them to beef up security to protect against a barrage of viruses. Check out these nine products designed to do the job.
  • Chip Wars: Intel, AMD Both Gain On Competitors
    Research firm iSuppli's Q1 report has Santa Clara chip giant Intel picking up the short-term gains in global microprocessor market share, Advanced Micro Devices has the long-term juice and x86 continues to deliver a massive architectural beat down on all comers.
  • 6 Emerging VoIP Vendors
    Solution providers interested in a refreshing take on VoIP from young, up-and-coming companies need look no further. The 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list includes six VoIP vendors on the rise.
  • 10 Hot Hands-Free Devices For Cell Phone Law Compliance
    As of July 1, California and Washington state will begin enforcing new laws to ban driving while talking on cell phones. ChannelWeb has tracked down the 10 hottest hands free devices to help drivers both talk and pay attention while behind the wheel.
  • The Environmental Differential
    It's hard to figure out just how strong the "go green" movement in IT is, but with oil hovering around $140 a barrel, the appeal of cost-savings and environmental benefits isn't going away.
  • How To Handle Objections To All-In-One Technology
    David Kolssak, managing partner of Turnkey IT Inc., a Wheeling, Ill.-based solution provider, sells voice solutions based around office-in-a-box appliances. Here he discusses handling objections from SMB customers when it comes to all-in-one technology: