SMB/Midmarket Opportunities

  • Midsize CIOs Not Clamoring For Google Apps
    Google is looking for solution providers to sell its Google Apps Premier Edition, but how much demand is there for the company's cloud-based platform? Midsize CIOs contacted by said they're not interested in adopting the technology for their companies.
  • SaaS Showdown: Google Apps Vs. Microsoft Windows Live
    Google's new reseller program begs the question: Who has the better SaaS office productivity suite -- Google or Microsoft? Here we pit Google Apps Premier Edition against Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials in a head-to-head battle royale.
  • 20 Eye-Catching Products From Opening Night At CES
    Forget about the economic doldrums and the drop in attendance at this year's CES. It's still THE place to see the latest and greatest CE products. Here are 20 from the opening preview that turned heads.
  • 8 Scenes From A Jobs-Less Macworld Keynote
    Apple's pulling out of Macworld and its iconic CEO Steve Jobs didn't deliver the keynote for the first time in years. So how did Phil Schiller do filling the bossman's big shoes?
  • The 20 Most Innovative New Products At CES
    The envelopes please -- the 2009 Honorees for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase get their moment in the spotlight at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show.
  • 25 Hot Products To See At CES 2009
    With CES 2009 kicking off this week, ChannelWeb is giving you a sneak peek at a host of hot products that will make waves at the Consumer Electronics Showcase. From the strange to the necessary, here are 25 products you shouldn't miss at the show.
  • The 10 Coolest PC Components Of 2008
    From Nehalem to Antec's Skeleton, manufacturers brought the industry radical new ways to build PCs in 2008. Here are some of the coolest components we came across in 2008.
  • The 10 Coolest Netbooks Of 2008
    2008 saw a raft of new netbooks as the industry's newest PC form factor took the market by storm. Here's a look at some of the coolest among them.
  • The 10 Coolest Notebooks Of 2008
    From gaming to business, retail to commercial, Wi-Fi to WiMAX, 2008 was the most cutting-edge year ever in the history of mobile computing.
  • The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2008
    It was an awesome year for smartphones. From iPhones to BlackBerrys, 2008 saw the emergence of touch-screen titans, the first LG smartphone to hit the U.S. and the first device based on Google Android. Here are the 10 coolest smartphones that hit the market (or at least promised to) in 2008.
  • The 10 Biggest Cisco Stories Of 2008
    Cisco rode high in 2008 with major product launches and big gains in enterprise telephony, but it also took some knocks, both from the economy and in court. ChannelWeb takes a look back at the networking vendor's year.
  • The 10 Biggest IBM Stories Of 2008
    IBM may not dominate the IT industry the way it did in the 20th century, but it's still the industry's 800-pound gorilla and the fortunes of many solution providers rise and fall with the goings-on at Big Blue. Here is a recap of the 10 biggest stories in 2008 in the IBM world.
  • The 10 Biggest Dell Stories Of 2008
    The year was not easy for PC manufacturer Dell. While the company took important steps forward to strengthen its channel play, it was also hit by layoffs, a court ruling that said it engaged in deceptive business practices and a corrosive market. ChannelWeb looks at these and other stories that shaped Dell's year.