SMB/Midmarket Opportunities

  • Microsoft Cuts Home Server Price By 30 Percent
    Microsoft has cut the price of Windows Home Server by 30 percent in the system builder channel, a move that's aimed at promoting more sales of the once-promising product whose progress has been slowed by technical issues.
  • LinkedIn Adds New Collaboration Apps
    Patrick Crane, LinkedIn's vice president of marketing, said the new apps are helping to create a service that offers 'collaboration infrastructure for companies.'
  • 10 Hot UTM Products
    UTM devices are increasingly embraced by both the midmarket and SMB space, as businesses tighten their belts and find ways to do more with less. Here are a few all-in-one security solutions to watch.
  • 10 Channel Tricks And Treats
    With Halloween lurking just around the corner, ChannelWeb examines some of this year's biggest stories to find out what impact they had on solution providers. Trick or Treat!
  • Are You Ready For The Great Wireless Wave?
    From small businesses to enterprises to the federal government to regional service providers, more and more customers have been approved to introduce wireless broadband technology into their IT infrastructure as a means to be more flexible and more efficient.
  • Boning Up On Antec's Skeleton
    Case and component maker Antec drew excitement from the gaming and pro-sumer world with its Skeleton PC chassis. The Test Center obtained one and went to work building a transparent PC.
  • The New Face Of Cybercrime
    For decades, cybercrime has been the stuff of Hollywood thrillers and pulp fiction novels. But the days when cybercrime was tantamount to a gaggle of teen-age hackers creating viruses in their parents' basements have long since died. Now, the FBI reports that, for the first time ever, revenues from cybercrime have exceeded drug trafficking as the most lucrative illegal global business, estimated at reaping in more than $1 trillion annually in illegal profits.
    When small businesses outgrow their single tape drive and their plug-and-play SOHO NAS appliance but are not yet ready for enterprise-class storage, they are turning to NAS, iSCSI-based SAN or a combination of both, according to solution providers.
  • Small Partner, Big Company; Does This Marriage Work?
    I'm often asked if I'm happy as a Microsoft Certified Partner. Microsoft wants to know, other partners want to know—even my friends want to know, too. I can understand Microsoft and other partners wanting to know, but my friends? So I've given this quite a bit of thought, and even asked a few people who I thought should really be disinterested. And the responses I've gotten are all pretty consistent.
  • Small Businesses and Mobility -- They Want It All
    Join Joseph F. Kovar, senior editor of Everything Channel, as he explores the mobile PC requirements of the typical small business customers and how they different from those of enterprises, and how solution providers can profit from those requirements.