SMB/Midmarket Opportunities

  • Small Partner, Big Company; Does This Marriage Work?
    I'm often asked if I'm happy as a Microsoft Certified Partner. Microsoft wants to know, other partners want to know—even my friends want to know, too. I can understand Microsoft and other partners wanting to know, but my friends? So I've given this quite a bit of thought, and even asked a few people who I thought should really be disinterested. And the responses I've gotten are all pretty consistent.
  • Small Businesses and Mobility -- They Want It All
    Join Joseph F. Kovar, senior editor of Everything Channel, as he explores the mobile PC requirements of the typical small business customers and how they different from those of enterprises, and how solution providers can profit from those requirements.
    When small businesses outgrow their single tape drive and their plug-and-play SOHO NAS appliance but are not yet ready for enterprise-class storage, they are turning to NAS, iSCSI-based SAN or a combination of both, according to solution providers.
  • EMC Lays Out The Future Of Storage
    At EMC's Executive Briefing Center, company executives gave a peek into some of its areas of expertise, such as how it is combating hackers and how it is making its mark in the SOHO storage business.
  • VoIP And The Beanstalk
    When Sheri and Eli Gurock opened the first branch of Magic Beans in Brookline, Mass., in 2004, they had modest hopes for their store: an outlet for high-end toys and baby gear targeted at modern parents willing to spend a bit more for the good stuff.
  • Not Down With Backups?
    The great blackout of 2003--when a large expanse of the Northeast lost power for the better part of an afternoon and brought cities like New York to a standstill--surely raised everyone's understanding of the stakes involved in keeping a power backup plan in place, right?
  • Summer Shows Small Business Sales Surge
    It was a summer of high gas prices, the ongoing mortgage crisis and a seemingly nonstop run of thunderstorms and other weather woes. But economic woes and violent storms didn't slow summer small business sales for VARs.
  • CIOs Of Midsize Companies In No Hurry For Vista
    After a straw poll of CIOs at the Midsize Enterprise Summit in Grapevine, Texas, indicated many companies planned to skip implementing Vista, Everything Channel asked 13 end users their plans regarding Microsoft's latest OS. The results were not good for Microsoft.
  • ShadowRAM: September 15, 2008
    Microsoft has officially launched its $300 million ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld by airing the inaugural commercial during the NFL's first regular season game earlier this month.
  • Hitting Redial: Major Players Adapt To SMB Mobility Needs
    Flashy smartphones were once considered toys for enterprise executives, but several major names in mobility are adapting their styles and recognizing that the SMB now has the same, if not more, mobile needs as their larger counterparts.
  • Open SMB Doors with Mobile Broadband Solutions
    Dealing with broadband access on mobile computing devices can be a complicated and tedious process. Many mobile professionals have been disappointed with their experiences of using incompatible mobile equipment to connect to incompatible broadband technologies. Help is on the way!