SMB/Midmarket Opportunities

  • The New iSCSI Players
    Two of the tier-one storage vendors embraced iSCSI storage in the last few weeks, ready to take part in the fastest-growing segment of the storage business.
  • Profits And Growth: Part II - SMB Success Stories
    CRN Assistant News Editor Scott Campbell and a panel of industry experts take a look back at SMB and analyze how VARs used the right blend of technology and services to increase sales and drive profits.
  • The VAR To The Stars
    Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney B. Vance are one of Hollywood's power couples, but to Frederick Johnson and his company, Affluent Technology, they are also a small business -- and an opportunity.
  • Cisco Plugs NAC Into Branch Office Routers
    Cisco is expanding its security portfolio with new network access control products that will push the technology out to smaller customers and help ease large deployments.
  • SAS Gets Smart
    Can a business intelligence software company whose forte has long been selling sophisticated data analysis tools to big banks for fraud detection and major pharmaceutical makers for drug development find happiness in the channel?
  • Margin Makers
    From printers to add-on storage and lots in between, peripherals can provide the spark you're looking for.
  • Solution Provider Scores Home Run With Clients
    Around the office, Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions' John Kolkmeyer is known by a title you don't often find among the ranks of IT solution providers: Director of Ballpark Operations.
  • The Perfect Fit
    Midsize contractors often have roots as regional integrators: companies that have established a stronghold in a particular geographical area and grown as they added next-generation technologies to their portfolios. They're typically integrators in the $100 million to $1.5 billion range—no longer small businesses and not large enough to be considered "mega systems integrators." Some may have just surpassed the $500 million mark—the point at which many of the benefits of being a small business start to fade away.
  • Top VAR Growth Strategies
    When reached by phone for an interview last month, Groupware Technology CEO Mike Thompson was busy writing a speech for his company's customer appreciation event that evening.
  • Take A Crash Course In Security Risks
    There's no such thing as a business too small to worry about information security; moreover, if you're big enough to network two computers and connect them to the Internet, you're big enough to have to think about protecting the network as well as the individual computers. Until recently, this meant placing a small firewall appliance at the network gateway, but as security hardware vendors push increasingly sophisticated functionality into their entry-level devices, small businesses and their solution providers have increasingly turned to unified threat management appliances.
  • Top 5 Tech Segments SMBs Will Spend Money On
    Ask any group of solution providers for one word to describe their small-business customers and there's a good chance their collective response will sound like a brood of chattering chicks: "cheap, cheap, cheap."
  • Bridging The Distance
    From comment cards to phone calls--or even a night on the town--VARs find ways to gather feedback and keep their SMB customers happy.
  • A Virtual Channel Opportunity
    VMware faces some serious challenges in the SMB space. First and foremost, it must convince VARs it's committed to the channel.
  • Back(up) To The Future
    Several companies, ranging from small service providers to giants like Google, are looking at ways to help customers large and small store more of their data online, and less on tape and even hard drives.