Google CEO: VARs Are 'Fundamental' To Search Giant's Strategy


Falcon said the channel is “absolutely” strategic to Google, bringing in new business that Google would not be able to get on its own.

“As a channel partner, we are able to structure deals and offer services -- before, during and after the sale and migration -- that Google is not providing and not planning on providing,” Falcon said. “A few examples include instructor-led, Web-based training and Tier 2 end-user support by phone and email.”

And as Google continues to take a stronger hold in the cloud space, Falcon said Horizon Info Services has found Google to be responsive and to have strong tools available for partners, which are important components to partner success. And if an issue does arise, Google takes swift action.

“We have good access to channel managers, marketing and support resources. While we occasionally run into logistical issues, we are able to get these resolved promptly,” he said.


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