HP Mounts Massive Partner Services Push With ServiceONE Program


In the past, O'Connor said, Agilysys had as many as five different relationships for services delivery; with ServiceONE that's wrapped into one streamlined program that gives Agilysys the ability to bundle in services they didn't already have and attack opportunities they may not have seen before.

"It gives us that tighter relationship with the customer," O'Connor said, adding that HP ServiceONE recognizes that HP and its partners "really need each other" to tackle increasing services opportunities.

While Archer couldn't put a specific number to the revenue and margin opportunity the new services play will open for partners, he said ServiceONE looks to close the gap between selling vendor-branded services and partners selling their own services.

For O'Connor and Agilysys, the ability to co-brand services offers enhanced margin, but will also give the company the ability to engage more clients with a more rounded services play. "By pulling these things together and co-branding it gives us a good margin and more at bats," he said.

"This is huge," Romanowski said of the profit and revenue impact that the ServiceONE program will have on ASI's business. "This doesn't mean we aren't open to what other vendors are doing with services. But nobody is even close to being as mature as HP is. HP has really pulled it altogether from a partnership perspective. The beauty of this program is it allows every type of channel partner to play in services from those with no services capability to those that want to expand their services offering. This allows you to move up the services stack."

The HP ServiceONE program is critical in that it opens the door to provide services across the breadth and depth of the HP product portfolio, Romanowski said. "HP is the only player that has a technology portfolio that cuts across all platforms from printers to servers to storage and software," he said.

Agilysys' O'Connor agreed, calling ServiceONE a "quantum leap" for HP compared to competitors' services programs.

ServiceONE comes in two distinct flavors: ServiceONE Specialist and ServiceONE Expert, which is the top tier. The Expert edition offers partners exclusive rebates and discounts, management tools and makes partners a true deliver partner, enabling them to take control of the sales, services, implementation, support and renewals, Archer said.

Archer couldn't say how many partners HP expects to join the ServiceONE program, but said that a good number of HP's Authorized Services Partners (ASPs) will likely join in. Additionally, VARs and some systems integrators looking to offer professional services and consulting will join ServiceONE.

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