HP Takes Aim At Red Hat-Cisco With $1B OpenStack Helion Cloud Offensive

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HP PartnerOne Director of Marketing Patrick Eitenbichler said he sees the HP Helion offering as a watershed moment for solution providers looking to drive big cloud computing sales and profits with a full range of offerings and services. "We have a host of professional services from advisory to application transformation, strategy and design services that partners can either resell or deliver themselves," he said. "That is huge because customers need help right now. There is no question there are lots of VARs being asked by customers how they should approach the cloud."

The Helion offensive marks the first time that HP has united its OpenStack offerings under a single new brand name.

Helion refers to both the doubly positively charged helium ion and the Greek god of the sun, Helios, said Dietch. "That goes to our story that we are playing above the clouds," he said. "It represents our vision and our strategy for the market. It really puts a shining light -- no pun intended -- with the Greek sun god on what we are trying to do from a product and services perspective across the cloud."

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