Intel Launches First 22-nm Ivy Bridge Processors


Todd Swank, vice president of marketing at Nor-Tech, a Burnsville, Minn.-based system builder and Intel partner, said that, like all Intel releases in the PC space, Ivy Bridge has the potential to regenerate consumer interest in traditional desktop and notebook computing.

"The [PC] client part of the market place is a little dry," Swank told CRN. "So anything we can do to get customers excited about PCs again is a good thing."

But the bigger opportunity Ivy Bridge presents for resellers is with Ultrabooks, he continued. Ivy Bridge, for traditional PCs, is no doubt evolutionary -- but it’s not necessarily revolutionary, Swank said. The real demand for the new processors will hit when Intel’s super-thin Ultrabook notebooks, powered by its Ivy Bridge processors, launch with Windows 8 later this year.

"With great battery life and great graphics, all of this will tie into making Ultrabooks a very competitive and very cool product," he told CRN.

Intel VP Skaugen said that desktop, notebook and all-in-one PCs running the new quad-core Ivy Bridge processors will be available from Intel OEMs "shortly," while the dual-core versions for Ultrabooks are expected in the new coming months. He also said that the company’s Tick Tock model is "alive and well," and that 14-nm chips, code-named Haswell, are next in line.