CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • Computex: Intel Talks 45-nm, Asustek Talks $199 Notebook
    Intel used the Computex Taipei exhibition on Tuesday to introduce new chipsets and discuss its push to make computing truly mobile. And to illustrate that push, Sean Maloney, Intel executive vice president, brought in two notables for help: Jonney Shih, chairman and CEO of Asustek, who unveiled what he called the world's first $199 notebook PC, and Marty Cooper, the former director of research and development for Motorola and the man credited with the invention of the cellular phone in 1973.
  • The Telecommuting Connection
    Rarely do you see the government leading new trends. Telecommuting is the exception, and there's movement on Capitol Hill to expand eligibility to even more federal workers.
  • How a small chipmaker inked a big deal with HP

    Viva La Via!
    How a small chipmaker inked a big deal with HP.
  • Open-Source CRM Player Takes Channel-Centric Approach
    What do you get when you cross an open-source pedigree with channel experience bred at Microsoft? You get Centric CRM, a seven-year-old software developer with Fortune 500 clients that hopes to make a big impact in CRM for small businesses.
  • VAR's Hybrid Solution Lures Small Businesses
    Small businesses have turned out to be good business for Advantage Data Systems, which created a unique solution by combining document imaging with its point-of-sale and accounting software.
  • Get The Most Out Of RAID 6
    Solution providers looking to eliminate the shortcomings of RAID 5 technology should take a look at the latest controller from AMCC.
  • 8 New Notebooks For Road Warriors
    Once upon a time, notebook computers were a specialist's tool, restricted to an exclusive group of heavily traveled workers for whom the deployment of expensive and fragile equipment was cost-effective. No more. With plentiful broadband and continuing improvements in remote access and communications technologies, almost anyone can be a mobile worker.
  • Slide Show: Dell's Channel Zigzag
    Dell has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the channel over the last 20 years. CRN takes a look back at some of the highs and lows of that relationship.