CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • Channel Best-Sellers: Peripherals That Matter
    Samsung outgrew all rivals in the 19-inch to 30-inch color LCD segment during the first half of the year, registering growth of 8.7 percent to jump into first place in channel market share in the January to June 2007 time frame vs. the year-earlier period.
  • Increased interest in the virtualization space brings new focus to the desktop

    Virtualization: The Emerging Desktop
    While virtualization technology is decades old, the rush to get on board and build virtualized infrastructures is just now heating up. Recent announcements made by VMware, Citrix and Hewlett-Packard are an indication that the virtualization space is also heading with full force to the desktop.
  • Review: SMB Printer Lives Large
    CRN Test Center engineers set out to find a quality large-format printer for small businesses and discovered a fine candidate in Hewlett-Packard's Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer.
  • SSL VPNs are serious about remote access. Which one really rocks?

    Reviews: Call Us The Enforcers
    With the rise in the number of business users that are telecommuting or regularly working from the road, a secure VPN solution is critical to a company's day-to-day operations.
  • Which Handhelds Get The Thumbs-Up?
    With all the glitz, flash and hype of the segment that includes smartphones, PDAs and handheld PCs, the killer business solution in this space still centers around linking the client to the server.
  • Bundle Up Your External Storage
    Microsoft's Vista and Apple's Leopard make automated backup easy, so there's almost no excuse for not having additional storage devices. System integrators should capitalize on interest in data protection to bundle external storage using devices such as Iomega's StorCenter Network Hard Drive.
  • All The News That's Fit To Print-In Color
    The cost of color printing is at the point where large enterprises and smaller businesses alike can invest in color print products that they might not have considered before.
  • Drive Plays Well In Enterprise
    Even though SATA is the hard drive technology of choice for most system builders, vendors often don't provide an equal number of choices between enterprise- and desktop-class hard drives. To streamline hardware configurations, system builders end up using the same SATA drives in enterprise servers and corporate desktops. That is, if they choose not to use SAS.