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  • Solution Providers Sign Off On Digital Displays
    Complexity is often a mixed blessing for the channel. Take the digital signage market, where the complexity of networked digital-signage installations has created new opportunities for solution providers. At the same time, it's created a highly fragmented market with a less defined path to success.
  • Fault-tolerant server for SMBs; simpler Vista migration; tiny but tough drive

    Tech Watch
    A look at new products and technologies available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors
  • Lawyers and Bloggers and Dell, Oh My
    It took all of several hours Thursday for Wall Street's giddiness at Michael Dell's return to the CEO job at Dell Inc. to wear off. The company's stock price is continuing to drop and the bad news continues to build.
  • Apple Patents Point To iPhone Lockdown
    Despite increasing pressure abroad on Apple to open the iPod, iPhone and iTunes to third-party software and hardware providers, Apple remains focused on strengthening the digital rights management technology that protects its tightly coupled music hardware and software.
  • Zune Exec Leaves Microsoft
    Bryan Lee, the VP of Microsoft's Zune business in charge of negotiating deals with major music labels, is leaving the company.
  • Slide Show: Highway To Dell
    Michael Dell has reassumed the position of CEO. But the road back was a bumpy one, especially over the past five months. That's when a cataclysmic series of events ultimately led to the abrupt resignation under pressure of Michael Dell's hand-picked successor, Kevin Rollins.
  • Apple, Cisco Near Deal Over iPhone Name
    Apple and Cisco are nearing an agreement that could solve their dispute over rights to the iPhone name in an out-of-court settlement. However, the companies said they need more time to conclude discussions on "trademark rights and interoperability".