CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • Review: Ideal Backup For SMBs
    There is no need to stress the importance of regular backups to solution providers, as they are more than familiar with the pain data loss can cause their customers.
  • IP Commerce Launches SMB Channel Program For Payment Solutions
    IP Commerce, a developer of an online payment software framework, is ready to roll out its first channel program for solution providers. The Commerce Link Reseller Program aims to help solution providers sell online payment solutions into small businesses through third-party ISV applications, with sales and technical support from IP Commerce.
  • Launching Pad
    The IT world is an unpredictable place; things change quickly and rarely go exactly as planned. Even so, good business planning requires a road map--even if only a tentative one--of both your own capabilities and your partners' offerings. With that in mind, we're looking out to the horizon at some of the major product releases planned for the second half of this year, to give you a sense of what's around the next corner.
  • Future-Proof Digital Signage Solutions
    While interest in digital signage systems is growing, the market is still highly fragmented and the business models still unclear. As such, VARs should align themselves with digital signage software vendors that will enable them to change their offerings as the market matures.
  • Intel chips, iPhone Boost Brings More Business Customers to Apple, VARs

    Apple VARs Bask In iPhone Glow
    As millions of people watch the launch of Apple's sexy new iPhone, business-minded VARs are ruminating about how to get more support from Apple amid a growing demand for other Apple products in business.
  • Review: Google Mini Comes Up Short
    Google aims to shake up the market with its small business and enterprise search appliances but sadly there's nothing radically new since the search giant released them a couple of years ago.
  • SGI Using ICE To Heat Blade Market
    SGI is using ICE to heat up the scalability of its Intel/Linux server blade offerings for use in clustered environments. The server vendor this week unveiled the SGI Altix ICE, or Integrated Compute Environment, a server blade architecture which allows up to 512 Intel Xeon processor cores with up to 6 Tflops of processing power to fit into a standard rack.
  • Ink 2.0: An End To Lasers?
    Think inkjet printing is suited more for soccer moms than big businesses? You might be surprised to hear about technological advances that could position ink as a serious challenger to laser printing in the workplace.
  • Review: Spyware Loses Its Bite
    There's no question that spyware is bad. At the very least, it hogs network bandwidth, and at worst, it gives remote control of the computer to a third party. So what's a proactive IT administrator to do?