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  • AMD CEO Says Dell Partnership Moving Ahead
    Advanced Micro Devices Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz said he's rooting for Dell to resolve its financial problems and that Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell has given him no indication that the PC giant will back off its strategy to use AMD chips throughout its product lineup.
  • AMD Introduces Energy-Efficient Chips
    Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday introduced two single-core desktop chips that use less power than previous models and a dual-core processor for high-quality graphics and video on Windows Vista.
  • Rugged notebook; federally compliant monitors; security switch

    GovernmentVAR Tech Watch
    A look at new products and technologies available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors
  • Alternatives to the conventional mouse can relieve physical stress and be a profitable new market

    Break Free of the Mouse
    Users need to control the cursor, and plopping a conventional mouse onto their desktops has long served that purpose. The problem is that millions of people use nearly identical mice, repetitively making the same motions for hours a day.
  • IBM's eDRAM Helps AMD More Than It Hurts Intel
    IBM unveiled a smaller, faster and cooler type of memory that it said will improve the performance of graphics and other embedded systems over traditional SRAM. But even with advancements in DRAM, the announcement is expected to bolster IBM's relationship with AMD and be a sharp stick in the eye to Intel.