CRN Components and Peripherals News

  • The government's security report card should be taken with a great big grain of salt

    Grading On a Curve
    What does the Federal Computer Security Report Card released last week tell us about the security of government networks? Not all that much, actually.
  • Sun, Fujitsu To Ship Identical Servers
    Sun Microsystems on Tuesday unveiled the first fruits of its server collaboration with Fujitsu Siemens Computers, and also introduced several new storage products including a new low-cost array thanks to some help from LSI. Sun and Fujitsu each rolled out a new line of servers which are identical in functionality and in name, and differ only in terms of the vendor badge and the bezel on the front.
  • Intel Updates Chip, Platform, Chipset Road Map
    Intel on Tuesday outlined its processor, platform and chipset deliverables for 2007 and 2008, including its updated mobile platform, "Bear Lake" desktop chipset and upcoming "Penryn" Core 2 processors, the first products developed using 45-nanometer technology.
  • Report: Quad-Core Desktop Adoption To Pick Up Steam
    While quad-core microprocessors have yet to appear in desktop PCs priced under $1000, adoption of the technology in mainstream PCs is expected to steadily pick up steam in the next couple years, say analysts.
  • Fujitsu Targets Channel With Network Scanner
    Fujitsu said it plans to roll out a new, small-footprint network scanner for workgroups, and the product will ship through distribution with front- and back-end financial incentives for VARs.
  • Konica Minolta Gains Traction In The Channel
    Four years after Konica and Minolta merged, dropped much of their noncommercial lineup and began targeting commercial solution providers, the company is set to expand its channel efforts to help ramp up market share.
  • New Tools That Ease Rising Power Costs
    While data centers continue to require more power and cooling capabilities, the cost of electricity soars--a double whammy that's spurring businesses to investigate and invest in sophisticated power-management tools that can increase efficiency.
  • nComputing Reaches Out To Education VARs
    High-tech entrepreneur Stephen Dukker, founder of eMachines, is avidly courting VARs and educational resellers for his latest venture, nComputing, which makes low-cost multiuser access terminals.
  • A look at new products and technologies available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors

    Tech Watch
    A look at new products and technologies available to solution providers by leading and emerging vendors
  • HP To Take On Copier Rivals
    HP execs say new MFPs, and a new sales push, will make it more successful this time in taking on copier rivals.
  • IBM Debuts System i Server With Low Entry Prices
    Acknowledging that it's still not reaching all potential customers in the small and midsize business market, IBM has unveiled two additions to the low end of its System i Express line of servers Tuesday that will be priced on a per-user basis.
  • Patience is required, but the payoff in design consulting and recurring services can be handsome

    Digital Display/Signage
    Installation design and services are an indispensable way to see green in digital signage, according to the 2007 CRN Profitability Study.
  • Adaptec Unifies SAS And SATA
    Adaptec's PCIe-based Ultra320 SCSI single-channel HBA controller gives system builders lots of flexibility when building storage devices, since it can mix and match with SAS and SATA drives and devices.
  • Digital Sign Of The Times
    Digital signage involves more than just sticking a large screen in the middle of a lobby or airport. Besides understanding the technology, VARs deploying these solutions must keep this in mind: It's ultimately about communication.
  • Although initial deal sizes aren't huge, margins are up and potential for recurring services is rising

    Though the average deal size in the printing/imaging arena is nothing to brag about, the ongoing services proposition makes this segment well worth it, the 2007 CRN Profitability Study finds.